Daphne seemed to reveal to Harper that her trainer is the real father of her kids on 'The White Lotu...

We Need To Unpack Daphne's Mysterious White Lotus Trainer Scene

Is Mrs. Sullivan the show's true mastermind?


As Season 2 of The White Lotus nears its end, each character’s hidden motivations have become a bit easier to read — but Daphne Sullivan remains an enigma. Cameron’s seemingly carefree, Noto-loving wife has only dropped a few hints to Harper about the truth behind the facade of her fun-loving life, and the biggest twist came at the end of Episode 5. Spoiler alert: Don’t read on if you haven’t watched The White Lotus Season 2, Episode 5. The shocking moment had every viewer wondering if Daphne’s trainer is really her kids’ father, and totally reevaluating what her relationship with Cameron is really like.

Perhaps casually dropping a paternity bombshell on Harper was Daphne’s kind way of keeping her new friend from spiraling about Ethan’s potential cheating, or maybe it was a calculated attack to try to drive Harper and Ethan further apart. Either way, Harper was left reeling after Daphne confided in her about Lawrence, her personal trainer back home with whom she spends more time than her own husband. After Daphne emphasized Lawrence’s blonde hair and blue eyes, she offered to show Harper a photo of him, but instead “mistakenly” pulled up a pic of her children.


Notably, her oldest kid has bright blonde hair and blue eyes, a drastically different look from Cameron’s darker features. The newborn is still too young to clearly resemble either Cameron or Lawrence, but it’s looking very likely that the older kid is Lawrence’s son. And with those features, Cameron probably knows that, too.

The revelation helped explain so much about Cameron and Daphne’s strange dynamic, like why Daphne doesn’t seem to be bothered by Cameron’s cheating. It could also explain Cameron’s need to constantly overcompensate, if he knows he’s really not his child’s father but has to keep it an open secret.

But most of all, the moment presented a grim but possible future for Harper, as Daphne suggested she get a trainer of her own amid her issues with Ethan. Will Harper embrace an open relationship, even (or especially) if it leads to a love child?

Fans will find out if Harper and Ethan will make it or break it as Season 2 of The White Lotus continues with new episodes dropping Sunday nights at 9 p.m. ET on HBO and HBO Max.