Daphne and Cameron's toast in the 'White Lotus' Season 2 finale hinted Season 3 could be set in the ...

Wait, Did Daphne & Cam Reveal The White Lotus’ Season 3 Location?

Their vacay plans for next year line up with the creator’s hints about the next installment.


White Lotus fans have said aloha to Hawaii and arrivederci to Sicily, so now it’s time to start planning the next trip. Although the series hasn’t yet revealed where the mayhem will ensue next, eagle-eyed fans noticed what may be a big hint about Season 3’s location in the Season 2 finale. With this convincing clue to go off of, everyone’s wondering if The White Lotus Season 3 will be set in the Maldives, or if that moment was just another classic White Lotus fake-out.

Location is absolutely integral to each White Lotus season, not only in terms of highlighting class divide in tourist-heavy destinations, but also as a means of using specific culture and artwork to weave in the central themes. In Season 1, hula dancing and paddling outrigger boats were key to story, and Season 2 leaned into the setting even more by incorporating several meaningful pieces of art into important scenes. So finding out next season’s setting will unveil a lot about what Season 3 will be about. And luckily, it seems like series creator Mike White left fans multiple hints.

In the Season 2 finale, Cameron raised a toast to Ethan, Harper, and his wife, Daphne, while at their last dinner as a foursome. As they clinked glasses, Daphne said four words that made every fans’ ears perk up: “Next year, the Maldives.”


White added even more fuel to this rumor in an interview that aired after the finale episode. “I think the third season would be maybe a satirical and funny look at death and Eastern religion and spirituality,” he said. Given that the Maldives are located off the coast of India and Sri Lanka, the island nation could fit that bill.

Because of these hints, fans are already dreaming up their ideal stories for a Maldives-set White Lotus season, and most of them center on Daphne returning.

You can’t always trust The White Lotus with clues like this, but TBH, the Maldives sounds like a great backdrop for another season of sun-kissed chaos. Hopefully fans will get official confirmation of the next White Lotus resort location soon enough.