Khloé Kardashian is embracing her naturally curly hair, and it's so nice to see.

Khloé Got Real About Why She's Embracing Her Natural Curly Hair Now

After years of straightening treatments, Khloé is letting her hair down.

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A ton of celebs had their own quarantine hair, but most of them didn’t have a whole new hair texture. That’s the case for Khloé Kardashian, who has been getting Brazilian blowouts and other hair straightening treatments for years, but due to the pandemic, she has stopped having them done. Now Khloé Kardashian is embracing her naturally curly hair and sharing the pics to prove it.

Kardashian posted a thread of pics and videos showing off her natural hair on Instagram and Twitter on Friday, Aug. 13. On her Instagram Stories, she explained why her naturally curly hair is never in the limelight. “I’ve been getting straightening treatments for years. I’ve been getting Brazilian blowouts and other treatments since I’ve been a teenager,” Kardashian wrote. “I stopped due to COVID. I actually kinda like my curls,” she concluded. On her Instagram post, she added, “I rarely wear my natural hair texture. Felt kinda cute with it (please don’t ruin the feeling).”

The last time Kardashian embraced her naturally curly hair was when she was pregnant in 2018. At the time, she also shared she was taking a break from her straightening treatments on her Instagram Stories. "I want straight hair — you always want what you don't have. [...] But now that I'm pregnant, I can't do that, so my curl is slowly coming back... and I actually like it now."

Fans also saw a little snippet of the reality star with her natural hair during one of the quarantine episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians.

Although her naturally curly hair isn’t exactly a transformation, she’s debuted other new hairstyles in the past that also had fans shook. One of these was when she changed her hair to white-blonde in September 2019 and switched it back to brunette again that October.

Recently, Kardashian also has Instagram users shook when she posted a photo of herself posing under an outdoor shower stream in a bikini. Her post also prompted a little fight between her exes, Lamar Odom and Tristan Thompson. Odom, who has expressed his desire to get back together with Kardashian, commented “Hottie” on the pic. However, when Thompson saw it, he threw some major shade by referencing Odom’s near-fatal 2015 overdose in Las Vegas.

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As for Kardashian, she’s not ready to reignite any old flames and appears to be enjoying the single mom life with her daughter True Thompson. Now she’s a boss woman with majorly curly hair, and fans are loving it.

It’s unclear how long the star plans to wear her hair au natural, but hopefully, Kardashian will have fun with it while it lasts.