Kim Kardashian steps out in a red leather jacket.

Wow, Kim K Revealed How The Kardashians Are Filming 'KUWTK' In Quarantine

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The show must go on, says the KarJenner family, who are still filming Keeping Up With The Kardashians during the coronavirus pandemic. While a number of film and television shows have halted production, there's no rest for Kim, Kylie, Khloe, Kendall, and Kourtney. That being said, there's been some serious production updates due to the pandemic. With season 18 still in need of a final episode, here's how the Kardashians will finish filming KUWTK in quarantine.

Kim K dished all the details during her April 20 appearance on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon (remotely of course!), and explained how the last episode of season 18 is different from the rest.

“We filmed the entire season, except for the last episode,” Kardashian told the talk show host. “We were in filming, so now that we've shut down production. It'll be all of us in quarantine, filmed separately by ourselves," she explained.

According to Kardashian, the episode will be done very guerilla style. "We have iPads set up and our iPhones, and the whole last episode will be what we do in quarantine. I literally have no idea whatever everyone else has been doing," she admitted.

You can catch her chat with Fallon below.

Kardashian actually gave fans a full tour of her new filming set-up during a recent Instagram Live, and detailed just how different filming the show has been.

"KUWTK is still filming, but I am now my glam squad, camera operator, lighting team, and producer," she said in the video caption. The video panned to show Kim's impromptu at home set-up, which she configured herself.

Meanwhile, Kardashian also told Fallon how she's been keeping busy during self-quarantine when she's not filming the show. The highlights included homeschooling her two oldest kids, watching movies with hubby Kanye West, and binge-watching Tiger King. Clearly, Kim is doing this quarantine thing right.

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