Khloé K Straight Up Looks Like Khaleesi With Her New White-Blonde Hair

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Khaleesi Kardashian has arrived, people! I honestly didn't think it was possible to go lighter than platinum blonde, but Khloé Kardashian's new white-blonde hair has officially upped the ante, and honestly? I'm living for it! Kardashian has stayed blonde the longest of any of her sisters, and TBH, I hardly remember a dark-haired Khlo. She was born to be blonde, and she's having more fun!

If you must know, I've been showing my hair colorist photos of Khloé Kardashian as dye job inspo ever since she started going lighter back in 2013. Khloé and I both lived much of our lives with almost-black brunette strands, zero dimension to speak of, and when I saw her slowly but surely begin livening up her color, I followed suit. Personally, I stopped at a nice, rooted bronde balayage, but for Khloé, the journey to full-on blonde continued on, and she hit pure platinum sometime last year — and looked amazing, obvi. Out of all of her sisters, Kardashian has been most loyal to her platinum strands, never changing them up or dying them darker, and now that she's taken them even lighter with a new white-blonde refresh, I'm starting to wonder if we'll ever see a brunette Khloé again.

For the sake of memory lane, let's rewind to 2012 and revisit Khloé's natural, super-dark strands:

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Between 2013 and 2014, Kardashian slowly began lifting her strands, and rocked a myriad of beautifully balayaged ombre looks:

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Over the past year, though, she's grown accustomed to the full-on blonde lifestyle, and it's safe to say she's never looking back:

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The reason Khlo's color looks so good, if you ask me, is because she always keeps a dark root for a flawless blend, no matter how light she goes:

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Fast-forward to her most recent Instagram post, and we can she she's living out her blondest fantasy ever:

Yas, girl! That white-blond is white-hot! Kardashian tends to heavily filter her Instagram images, but this one appears to be taken in front of a window, and that natural lighting really allows us to get a good look at her dye job. Girl definitely just had a bleach touch-up and treated her strands to a purple toner, because that hair is platinum platinum, not a brassy patch in sight.

Khlo hasn't been this blonde since back in March, and while most people tend to go darker for fall, she's choosing to do the exact opposite:

Like I said, I really think Khloé is an official blonde for life! And as long as she's taking care of her strands and using products formulated for bleached, potentially damaged hair, she should be all set. Given that the Kardashians have some of the best glam teams in the world, I'm honestly not worried! In fact, my biggest concern is that Khloé's new look has me itching to book another color appointment myself, after I just convinced myself to go dark for the fall. Thanks for nothing, Khloé! Yes, you look amazing, but now I'm definitely about to drop coin on a bleach sesh! All your fault, TBH.