Katy Perry wore a Legolas shirt to Coachella, and showed it to Orlando Bloom.

Katy Perry FaceTimed Orlando Bloom In A Legolas Shirt At Coachella

Elfing amazing.

Katy Perry’s fiancé may not have joined her at Coachella this year, but he was still with her in a way. As Perry enjoyed the first weekend of the music festival, fans couldn’t get enough of her unique wardrobe choice. The superstar gave a not-so-subtle wink to her man by wearing an oversized T-shirt emblazoned with Legolas from Lord of the Rings. And she couldn’t resist a cute FaceTime call with Orlando Bloom to show him just how much of fangirl she is.

Perry showed off all of her Coachella looks in a fashionable photo dump a couple days after the festival. Among the pics of her butt-baring low-rise jeans and campy shirt with a pizza bikini graphic, Perry snuck in some shots of her Legolas tee, with the perfect throwback artwork of one of her fiancé’s most famous movie roles.

The sartorial selection was the perfect way for Perry to give Bloom a cute shoutout while spending the weekend apart. Perry attended Coachella as a guest, so she could freely check out all the concerts without worrying about staging a performance herself. She was one of the many A-list superstars to make a surprise appearance at the 2024 event.


Perry also shared how Bloom reacted when he saw what she was wearing. The singer posted a screenshot from a FaceTime with her guy, in which Bloom flashes a big smile as Perry shows off her Legolas merch.


This isn’t the first time that Perry has fangirled over Bloom’s iconic elven LOTR character. In 2021, she borrowed Bloom’s Legolas ear prosthetics to dress as a pixie for a themed American Idol night, calling herself “Legolas’ GF.”

Perry and Bloom first started dating in 2016, and after a year-long breakup in 2017, they got back together and became engaged in early 2019. In 2020, Perry gave birth to their daughter, Daisy. Now five years into their engagement, it still isn’t clear when the couple plans to tie the knot, but there is a big change on the horizon. Perry recently revealed she will be leaving American Idol this year after six years as a judge, and fans think she’s about to launch a major musical comeback.