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Katy Perry joked about Orlando Bloom's nude photos.

Katy Perry Said The Funniest Thing About Orlando Bloom's Nudes

OMG, blushing.

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Katy Perry got real and raw about those leaked Orlando Bloom photos from a few years back. Yes, those photos. The ones of him on a paddleboard with nothing but skin to show. In a Feb. 9 interview with the Kyle and Jackie O Show, the “Teenage Dream” singer addresses the elephant trunk in the room when asked, “Have you got your husband-to-be wearing pants on holiday now after those photos? Is he more ‘proper’ now that he’s a dad? Is he doing dad things?”

Perry has never been one to shy away from more sensitive and humor topics, and that includes penis talk. “He’s not changed one bit,” she said. You can’t put reins on that man. He’s a wild stallion, and that’s how I like it.”

Loud and proud, just as it should be! The photos in question were leaked back in 2016, and have remained infamous since then. Now, nearly six years later, the couple is married with a child together, though it’s clear their spark lives on.

Guess that teenage dream has extended into adulthood, hasn’t it, Katy?

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Bloom also commented on the photos in a 2019 interview with Howard Stern, according to Cosmopolitan, saying, “First there’s the photo with the block over it, and you make some jokes, ‘Well, I hope they’ve got a black box big enough to cover it.’ Then suddenly you realize somebody’s going to uncover the black box because they’re going to get paid enough money. So it was like a triple whammy. Photos, black box, no black box…It is really not that big. Things are expanded on cameras with a big optical lens. It is an optical illusion.”

At least the couple can laugh about the incident!