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How Much Beyoncé Fans Are Spending Between Renaissance & Cowboy Carter

And they’re *still* ready for another tour.

by Princess Gabbara
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Beyoncé’s ever-evolving artistry is front and center in her genre-bending musical trilogy, and fans are lucky to witness it in real time. The BeyHive (or anyone who appreciates her once-in-a-generation talent) often goes to great lengths in exchange for the full Beyoncé experience. From in-demand concert tickets and travel costs to album pre-orders, Ivy Park, Cécred, Cé Noir, and other Bey-related merch, many diehards have shelled out thousands to support their fave.

Securing tickets to the Renaissance World Tour and shopping for silver ensembles when Beyoncé requested the futuristic dress code turned into events within themselves. Toward the end of 2023, The New York Times reported that all of the Grammy winner’s performances that year boosted the U.S. economy by a whopping $4.5 billion, which is further proof that Queen Bey truly runs the world.

Fast-forward to 2024, and the superstar’s eighth studio album, Cowboy Carter, has ushered in a new era for the BeyHive and for country music. In addition to picking up limited-edition CDs, vinyls, box sets, and Western-inspired merch like sold-out denim jackets, ashtrays, and playing cards, the Hive predicts a tour announcement could be around the corner, so you can bet they’re planning cowgirlcore outfits faster than you can say “yee-haw!”

With that comes a little financial planning. In these as-told-tos ahead, five BeyHive members proudly share the dollar amount they’ve spent on the Renaissance Tour, music, and merch over the past year so you can get inspired if you’re thinking about doing it up big when Bey hits the road again.

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I Saw Renaissance Tour 5 Times… & Ended Up In The Film

I’m a fan of a lot of people, but I go the hardest for Beyoncé. Before the Renaissance World Tour, I told a bunch of my friends, “When Beyoncé goes on tour, we need to go.” I soon realized that I was in three different group chats to see Bey in three different cities: Philly, L.A., and Houston.

For the L.A. show, I spent around $2,000 on tickets, drinks, flights, and hotels. For the Houston show, about $1,200 for the same. Since I live in Philly, I only spent $566 on tickets. Then, of course, there was the money I spent on merch across all three shows, which totaled $365.

After the first show, I knew I needed to experience this concert with my mom. She’s who I saw my first Beyoncé concert with in 2013, so I got us tickets to see the Renaissance Tour in D.C. for just less than $1,200, and we traveled by train for $122. With Kansas City being the final stop, I couldn’t miss it, so I added a *fifth* show to my personal lineup; that trip cost me more than $1,900 since I had to fly out — I didn’t get any merch.

I attended The Mrs. Carter Show, On the Run, and Formation tours, but the Renaissance era was definitely the most expensive. It’s also the first era where I had the funds myself. All this spending got me a lot of American Airlines miles, so at least most of the flights were paid with miles.

If she does announce a tour this year, I’ll make it happen. Wherever she needs to be, I’ll be there.

You spend money on what you want to spend money on. Some people go to sporting events; this is what I pour my money into, and it makes me so happy. I don’t have kids and I’m not married, so I don’t have those responsibilities. I’d like to say it was worth it because I appeared in the Renaissance movie, which I saw multiple times ($119). I spent $200 on concert outfits and an additional $515 on Renaissance movie merch and Amazon merch.

I think it’s going to be a minute before she goes on tour, so I’m definitely taking the time to financially recover. But even if she does announce a tour this year, I’ll make it happen. Wherever she needs to be, I’ll be there. — Aria, 28, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Renaissance Tour: $7,198

Merch: $1,327

Movie: $119

Final Total: $8,644

I Snagged Tickets For Less Than $200 To The Last Tour Stop

I grew up listening to Beyoncé, but I was mostly familiar with her singles. The turning point for me was her surprise self-titled album in 2013. All the conversations surrounding that record made me so in love with her music. I go to a lot of concerts; I’ve been to more than 200 total. The only other times I’d seen Beyoncé was with Jay-Z for the On the Run Tours in 2014 and 2018, and I was in the nosebleeds for those shows.

For Renaissance, I went to Ticketmaster and the cheapest ticket for the Kansas City show was around $60 before fees. I bought it knowing my friend lives there, so I’d have someplace to stay. My close friend’s birthday was around that time, so I paid for his ticket, which bumped up the total to around $157 with fees. I also purchased a $26 silver corset top for the concert.

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The drive from Austin, Texas, to Kansas City is around 10 hours, so we did a road trip and paid $150 for gas. We blasted a Beyoncé playlist the entire time. Traffic was backed up once we got into Kansas City. We thought we were going to miss the show, but we got there just before she took the stage, so we had zero time for food and drinks.

I’m not a big merch girl, but I’m a big vinyl girl, so I bought a Renaissance vinyl last year for $43, and I’m waiting for Beyoncé to release the full version of Cowboy Carter on vinyl.

Renaissance was a cultural reset; every time somebody says “There’s no way she tops this,” she tops it somehow. It’s always something new and fresh. The fact that I was able to get two tickets for less than $200 to see one of the most popular performers ever is amazing when you think about how expensive concerts are these days. No regrets about the money spent. — Sierra, 28, Austin, Texas

Renaissance Tour: $333

Merch & Music: $43

Final Total: $376

I Started Saving Money When The Renaissance Album Came Out

I was in middle school when her self-titled album dropped, and I was instantly mesmerized. Before that, I listened to a lot of hyperpop music, so that album marked a monumental switch for me. I went to the Formation Tour, but I didn’t start making my own money until the Renaissance era. I started saving the second the album came out; I also signed up for some focus groups to make extra money.

I didn’t realize how much I was spending on the tour and merch, which ended up being nearly $4,000, but I don’t regret any of it. I will probably spend the same amount on the next tour. For Cowboy Carter, I’ve purchased three vinyls ($145, including shipping) and the Act II Patches ($25) so far.

I went to three shows, two in L.A. and one in D.C., for roughly $1,400. Flights added up to $900. I actually share a birthday with Beyoncé, so because she was performing on her birthday, I had to go to that show as well. My outfits were around $150.

It was seriously the best experience ever, and I think her shows justify the prices. I will be taking those memories to the grave with me and talking about it until the day I die. I’ve seen plenty of artists I love in concert, but the Renaissance Tour was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. When she put that in theaters, I had to go as many times as possible. I saw it three times, so I spent an extra $78, plus $50 on merch. Between all the shows and movie screenings, I probably spent $300 on food and drinks.

When you have something you love to do, you spend the money.

I also picked up multiple T-shirts and sweatshirts, sweatpants, a hat, and the tour book for $805. If I were to do it differently, I would buy less merch and go to more shows.

When you have something you love to do, you spend the money. For me, it’s about experiences, and the Renaissance Tour was an experience I had to have multiple times. It’s the same way people watch their favorite movie a thousand times throughout their life. If I could go back to see the show again, I would do it daily. — AJ, 22, Denver, Colorado

Renaissance Tour: $2,629

Merch & Music: $1,025

Movie: $228

Final Total: $3,882

I Tailgated With My Mom & Got Free Merch From Bey’s Team

I’m in the military, so I wasn’t able to see some of Beyoncé’s really good tours like On the Run or Formation. Now that I’m a full-fledged adult and can afford to drop a bag on this lady, I’m giving myself the full experience. It cost me nearly $7,900.

My mom and I went to the D.C. Night 2 show ($2,918) and Houston Night 1 show ($2,227) for the Renaissance Tour. I picked up $775 worth of merch for me and my mom. Since we live in D.C., we didn’t have to pay for flights or a hotel, but the Houston flight was $679 and we stayed in a hotel for $563; the rental car was $250. I absolutely put money aside for all this; I would’ve been OK with not buying outfits ($160) for the concert in order to get the best possible experience.

Being in the military is stressful, and it’s a lot of time spent away from home, so anytime I get the opportunity to do something with my family, I absolutely do it. I have four brothers, and I’m the only girl, so the Renaissance Tour was extra special because it was something I could do with just my mom.

Before the D.C. show, my mom and I tailgated outside the stadium. We set up a tent, decorated it, and brought food for other BeyHive members. We brought our own cups, plates, and chairs, but Chick-fil-A catering and a couple bottles of Casamigos Reposado cost $241.

Beyoncé’s team gave us free merch and a sample of her fragrance before it dropped. I stepped away to get my VIP bracelet, but when I came back, they took pictures of our setup. My mom and the people we were next to were featured on Beyoncé’s website.

I equate it to the Super Bowl: If you could afford to go and see your favorite team playing in the best seats, would you?

After the shows, my mom and I had to relive the Renaissance Tour once more, so we saw the movie when it came out. I paid $60 for two tickets, but we didn’t purchase food.

This year, I’ve spent $56 on the Cowboy Carter box set. I equate it to the Super Bowl: If you could afford to go and see your favorite team playing in the best seats, would you? Usually the answer is yes, so once I break it down like that, people understand it more. My alternative answer is I had the money to spend, so I do what I can afford. — Gabrielle, 27, Prince George’s County, Maryland

Renaissance Tour: $6,978

Merch & Music: $831

Movie: $60

Final Total: $7,869

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I Created A Savings Account Specifically For Beyoncé Money

I’ve been a dedicated BeyHive member since Beychella. I spent around $782 during the Renaissance era last year. So far, in 2024, I’ve spent roughly $100 on Western gear and digital purchases of Cowboy Carter, plus the “Texas Hold ’Em” and “16 Carriages” singles when they dropped on Super Bowl day. I haven’t had the chance to buy the vinyls or CDs, but I hope to soon.

I don’t typically go for the merch; I’m more interested in buying the music and attending the tours. I had anxiety leading up to buying tickets for the Renaissance Tour, especially after the Taylor Swift Ticketmaster situation, but it went smoother than I thought. My ticket was $300, transit was $10, and I purchased drinks, popcorn, and ice cream at the show for $50.

It was the best concert of my life. I became friends with the people in front of me and in back of me, and everyone was so much fun. During “Cuff It,” we were all doing the dance. It was like going to a party or club versus other concerts where it feels like you came only with who you came with.

The total amount I spent was actually lower than expected. I wanted to go to Beyoncé’s last two tours, but it didn’t work out, so this time, I made a savings account and automatically deposited money into it every month. I can’t justify spending that amount for any artist except Beyoncé or other legends like Janet Jackson or Madonna.

I wish I would have spent less money on the outfit ($306); I went the DIY route, so it consisted of a black shirt and pants with metallic glue and foil wrap, sunglasses, and a cowboy hat with disco tiles. My best friend and I saw the movie ($30), snacked on candy and popcorn ($50), and bought limited-edition cups ($18). I also got People’s special edition Renaissance Tour magazine for $18.

I can’t wait to say one day that I went to the Renaissance concert and be able to tell someone what it was like. If she tours for Act II, my strategy will probably be to sit further back because it’s a good view no matter where you sit since it’s Beyoncé. I want to build up funds so that for the Act III tour, I can hopefully sit up front. I want to experience a front row Beyoncé concert at least once in my life. — Dante, 22, Toronto, Canada

Renaissance Tour: $648

Merch & Music: $136

Movie: $98

Final Total: $882

These as-told-tos have been edited and condensed for clarity.