Ed Sheeran's new album, 'Equals,' contains plenty of lyrics about his wife.

Here Are All The Sweet Lyrics About Ed Sheeran's Wife On His New Album

Equals is jam-packed with love songs.

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Ed Sheeran is officially back! On Friday, Oct. 29, the singer unveiled his fifth studio album, Equals, marking his first record since he dropped No.6 Collaborations Project in July 2019. His latest project features the previously-released singles “Bad Habits,” “Shivers,” and “Overpass Graffiti,” as well as a number of new songs. Considering Sheeran is known for his poetic lyrics, it’s no surprise Equals has got fans completely in their feelings on social media and IRL. During a recent Spotify-hosted launch event in NYC, he performed “The Joker And The Queen” for the first time and brought fans to tears. In particular, fans especially love how he seems to get more honest than ever about his personal life on his new album. Below, you’ll find all the Equals lyrics about Ed Sheeran's wife, Cherry Seaborn, that fans think they’ve found on the record.

Sheeran and Seaborn reportedly dated for three years before they wed in December 2018 in England. Sheeran confirmed they’re a married couple in a July 2019 video, and just a year later, he announced in a September 2020 Instagram that he and Seaborn welcomed a daughter named Lyra Antarctica.

Fans are convinced some of the lyrics on Equals are about Seaborn and Lyra, and once you see them, you’ll understand why.


“Shivers” seems to be about Sheeran catching feelings for someone, so it could totally be about when he first began dating Seaborn. The two were friends for years before things reportedly turned romantic in 2015. “I wanna be that guy/ I wanna kiss your eyes/ I wanna drink that smile, I wanna feel like my soul's on fire,” he sings during the pre-chorus. “When you're close up, give me thе shivers.”

“First Times”

“First Times” has Seaborn written all over it. In the song, Sheeran says that he’s living the dream by performing on stage in front of thousands of fans, but what really “makes a man” is the simpler things in life, like sweet moments with your significant other. “I remember the first kiss, the first night, the first song that made you cry, the first look in your eyes when I said ‘I love you,’” he sings during the chorus. “I can still feel the butterflies from when we stumbled home that night/ I can't wait to make a million more first times.”

By far, the most memorable lyric in “First Times” is when Sheeran seems to reminisce about his proposal to Seaborn in the second chorus. “The greatest thing that I have achieved was four little words, down on one knee,” he sings. “You said, ‘Darling, are you jokin'?,’ and I just said, ‘Please.’”

“Overpass Graffiti”

In “Overpass Graffiti,” Sheeran sings about forever loving someone through the highs and lows. “I will always love you for what it's worth/ We'll never fade like graffiti on the overpass,” he sings during the chorus. “you were the first full stop love that will never leave/ Baby, you will never be lost on me.”

Following his epic Saturday Night Live performance, on Sunday, Nov. 7, Sheeran sung “Overpass Graffiti” during an English Sunday roast-themed event hosted by Spotify in celebration of his new album. Held at The Bowery Hotel in New York City, where Spotify welcomed fans into The Butterfly pub, Sheeran strung his guitar and belted out his ace vocals, leaving some fans in tears. In addition to “Overpass Graffiti,” he also performed “Tides,” plus “The Joker And The Queen” for the first time live. And while the event wasn’t open to the public, Sheeran stans can still get more Equals content (including personalized videos) on Spotify’s Experience EQUALS platform.

Before his performance, Sheeran joked about getting thoroughly tested for the event, since he and his daughter were recently diagnosed with and overcame COVID-19. After making guests laugh and encouraging everyone to grab pints of beer, he took the time to pose and take selfies with everyone in attendance. Of course, it’s his lyrics that had fans ultimately in their feelings from one song to the next.

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“The Joker and the Queen”

“The Joker and the Queen” is another standout track on the album. In the song, Sheeran admits that he feels very lucky to have found someone so special in his life. “I know you could fall for a thousand kings and hearts that would give you a diamond ring/ When I fold, you see the best in me/ The joker and the queen,” he sings.

“Leave Your Life”

Sheeran gets really honest on “Leave Your Life,” during which he sings about how hard it is to be away from his special someone while traveling. “You'll never know the weight of my heart every time I leave you, babe,” he sings. “Even at the times I'm miles away, you are always on my mind/ Forever and now, I will be by your side.”


Similar to “First Times,” Sheeran reflects on sweet moments with his partner on “Collide,” like eating pizza together on an airplane, sleeping on the beach, and going to a bar in Rome. One line in the first verse especially seems to hint that the song is about his wife. “We've shared a toothbrush and shared our home,” Sheeran sings, adding that life is better with that special someone by his side. “When you and I collide, you bring me to life.”


In “2step,” Sheeran says all his worries go away when he’s with the one he loves. “Two-steppin' with the woman I love/ All my troubles turn to nothing when I'm in your eyes, electrified,” he sings.

“Love In Slow Motion”

“Love In Slow Motion” is about spending a special night with your S.O. “Baby, let's slow down time/ Maybe just press rewind,” Sheeran sings on the track. “Over and over, we spend our lives living fast forward but not tonight/ Love in slow motion.”


“Sandman” seems to be dedicated to Lyra Antarctica. He sweetly tells her that she was loved before she even came into this world, and every day, his love for her multiplies. He also seems to reference his wife by singing, “Daddy made your bed and your lullaby and Mumma made the mobile in the sky.”

“Be Right Now”

Sheeran ends his album with “Be Right Now,” which is a track about living in the moment with your partner. “There's nothin' but the space we're in/ The hurry and the noise shut out/ Just stay here and be right now,” Sheeran sings during the chorus. Now that Sheeran is a married man with a daughter, the track could definitely be about him not wanting to miss a single thing with the two most special people in his life.

Listen to Sheeran’s Equals on Spotify below.

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