Rick Ross Says Kanye West Faked His Meltdown

Is Rick Ross low-key taking a jab at Kanye West?

Honestly, it's quite difficult to tell. The 40-year-old rapper made an appearance in New York over the weekend and confused the crowd after saying "genius" Kanye West "played" everyone by "wigging out."

In other words, Rick Ross doesn't think Yeezy was actually being treated at the hospital for a mental breakdown. Instead, he seemingly believes that West's meltdown was all part of some elaborate scheme of sorts.


Of course, this is a bold claim to make confidently. I don't remember the last time joking about someone's mental health was cool, but hey, maybe Ross knows something we don't know!


During the footage, which was obtained by TMZ, Rick Ross says,

One time for Yeezy. My homie a genius. And for everybody who thought he was wigging out, he played y'all, niggas.

What a bittersweet thing to say, Rozay.

Here's the full video of Rick Ross' remarks about Kanye West's recent hospitalization.

Well, shit, I guess we all got PLAYED then -- at least according to "the boss."

Still, Kanye's mental breakdown has been confirmed by multiple sources to be very, very real. The 39-year-old rapper and father-of-two returned home from the hospital on November 30 and was said to be resting.

West's breakdown caused the rapper to be hospitalized for a week at the UCLA Medical Center due to extreme “exhaustion.”


A source close to Kanye spoke to E! News, updating everyone that "Kanye is doing better" before going on to reveal that he had been going through a lot before the meltdown.

The source said,

He almost quit a few times during tour, including right after the robbery.

Various celebrities, including Lady Gaga and John Legend, reached out to show their support for West after he went on a number of rants during his Saint Pablo tour shows and even ended up canceling the rest of his tour just before checking into the hospital.


Shortly after being released from the UCLA Medical Center, Kanye was first reported to be back home in Los Angeles with Kim and their children.

However, just days later, additional reports stated that Kanye and Kim had been living separately while West got himself back together.

As of now, Kanye, who was spotted for the first time since his release sporting blonde hair, is said to be back in the studio and already working on new music.

We'll just have to wait and see if he has a reply to Rick Ross' puzzling remarks about the hospitalization.

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