Kate Hudson's Workout Involves Using Bottles Of Rosé And We're Here For It

by Laura Rizzo
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Exercising is not fun. Drinking rosé is fun. Finally, some genius has come along to combine the two into one lively event. Kate Hudson's workout routine with rosé is really something I can get on board with — I'm sure you can agree.

Hudson is the sporty-chic girl we all want to be. Besides being in tons of amazing chick flicks with Matthew McConaughey, Hudson is probably best known for her clothing company, Fabletics.

Founded in 2013, Fabletics was designed as a competitor to athletic brands like Lululemon and Nike. The primarily subscription-based, digital service offers customers the chance to be on a membership to buy clothes. I guarantee you've seen the commercials — a newbie can order a full ensemble (top/bottom, sweatshirt/shorts, sports bra/pants, etc.) for $25. After the first month, the user will be billed just under $50 per month for an outfit of choice. Alternatively, users can opt to skip the month if needed. The Fabletics clothing I've seen IRL were super cute and high quality.

Since she runs a fitness clothing empire, Hudson is basically the spokeswoman for living a healthy life. However, she's also a big proponent of some things being OK in moderation. A recent Instagram video featured Hudson exercising in her bikini using two bottles of rosé instead of hand weights. She captioned the video, "Sometimes you gotta to work for it!" Hudson's trainer, Nicole Stuart, seems to also be enjoying herself in the video as she sips a glass of wine. Stuart posted the same video on her Instagram with the caption,

[A] good reminder not to take things too seriously... also just because you're working out doesn't mean you can't have a glass of rosé... #moderation is the key. Don't deprive yourself! It takes baby steps to change your habits whether it be quitting smoking or exercise ... one day at a time. Love my #rosé

The video is in high speed and the ladies seem to be having a great time. Hudson does a few different arm workouts with lots of giggles in between. While I love following Hudson's workout rituals — she's tried everything from booty belts to pole dancing — she has great advice for lots of different health avenues.

The actress is known for being refreshingly honest. She's not afraid to let the world know she didn't just wake up like this. She divulged to Vogue in April about her skin issues and the frustrations that come with it — we've all been there, I'm currently still living it. Hudson said,

My skin, like my body, it fluctuates. I'll have three [good] days, and then boom, I've got pimples showing up. I've had a hard time figuring it out.

After trying a few different methods, she found that sticking to a plant-based diet worked well for her skin. She continued,

When I went vegan last summer, my skin was the best it's ever been — skin tone, pores, everything.

Like exercising, Kate likes to mix it up. She gave the Paleo diet, a method based on eating food that has existed for thousands of years, a try. Compared to Vegan, it was kind of a give-and-take for Hudson.

Then I did Paleo, and what was interesting about Paleo was my skin wasn't as good, but your weight drops.

At the end of the day, it's all about moderation. In the Instagram video above, Kate probably had a glass or two of rosé later that day. At least I hope she did. What good is life if you're not enjoying yourself and delicious food? Hudson agrees,

But then if I happen to be at a restaurant and they send out a dessert, I'm going to eat the dessert. And if Mario Batali whips up a pasta, I'm not going to say no!

Kate Hudson is the ultimate fitness guru, and I love her thoughts on things. Now all I need is Mario Batali to whip me up some pasta.

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