These Rosé Wine Pouches Are Basically Adult Capri Suns And We Need A Sip

Nothing speaks to millennials quite like a throwback to their beloved '90s childhood... unless a glass of wine is in question. Make it a rosé, and you'll really have 20-somethings hooked. Now, you can get the best of your elementary school days, but with a 21+ twist. Electric Rosé Wine Pouches exist, and they're pretty much wine's answer to Capri Sun. Ladies, these certainly weren't in your lunch boxes all those years ago.

Electric Rosé and its infinite wisdom decided to create a six-pack worth of wine pouches to accompany before the dog days of summer come to a close. They're light and sweet and the white and pink packaging perfectly captures the spirit of everyone's wine of choice. It's time to feel alive, folks.

Though it's certainly a creation you'll wish you had invented, just revel in the fact that they're on shelves. However, Electric Rosé isn't available everywhere just yet. Currently, Connecticut, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Maine, Tennessee, and Georgia are the lucky states that sell the treat. For updates, visit the company's website to see where the pouches will land next. Fingers crossed they make their way to your hometown.

Don't feel blue, though. Electric Rosé is all in the name of a good cause. The company donates proceeds to Water2Wines, an organization that helps create more sustainable water worldwide. That's certainly a cause all fans of the wine can get behind.

Rosé in all forms is clearly having a moment — from chocolates, to cupcakes, to ice pops and everything in between. No dessert nowadays seems to be complete without a splash of the millennial pink drink, and you definitely won't hear any complaints from 20-somethings. Until you can get your hands on the rosé pouch, rest assured there are plenty of other ways to enjoy the beverage on your next date night or girls' night in. Cheers!