John Legend Misses Kanye West: 'The World Needs Him'


It's no secret John Legend and Kanye West have been good friends for quite some time.

Like any real friend would be, 38-year-old Legend was deeply "concerned" about West after learning about his mental breakdown last month.

Kanye had been touring the country as part of his Saint Pablo tour when he decided to go on a lengthy rant aimed at people like Jay Z and Mark Zuckerberg.

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Kanye West then followed up with another rant at another show. During the second rant, Yeezy voiced his full support for President-elect Donald Trump.

As expected, Kanye received plenty of backlash from his biggest critics: his fans. Days later, it was announced that Kanye would be canceling his remaining tour dates.

As if the rants and show cancellations weren't alarming enough, Kanye West then checked into a hospital following a psychiatric breakdown.

That's when John Legend, a close friend of Kanye, spoke to CBS reporters about the rapper, saying,

'Ye was eventually released from the UCLA Medical Center on November 30. While he was said to be resting up at home with Kim and their two children, the 39-year-old rapper and fashion designer wasted no time jumping back into the spotlight.

In a highly publicized (and criticized) move, Kanye took a trip to New York City shortly following his hospitalization to spend some quality time with Trump.


John Legend was quick to denounce Kanye's "stunt." In an interview with French media outlet Clique, Legend stated,

Legend went on to refer back to when Kanye originally voiced his support for Trump while on tour. He added,

Most recently, despite disagreeing with Kanye West's recent decisions, John Legend is ensuring everyone he just wants the best for Kanye and that "the world needs him."

During an interview with Rolling Stone, Legend spoke on West's recent hospitalization, explaining,

When Kanye's done dyeing his hair and sharing long elevator rides with Trump, I think he should link up with John Legend for some coffee. It's quite obvious that John is one of Kanye's good friends.

Despite all of the drama that continues to bubble up around Kanye, Legend has made it clear he just wants the best for one of his "real friends." No beef.

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