Danielle M. Posts Instagram Caption About Wells & Answers Some Of Our ‘BIP’ Questions

by Laura Rizzo

Season 4 of Bachelor In Paradise has finally come to an end. While this season built up to be kind of a snoozer, there was one couple that really left me hanging. What the hell is going on between Danielle Maltby and Wells Adams? The two shared a steamy kiss before Danielle's departure and that was... literally it. However, Danielle Maltby's Instagram about Wells could shed some light on the situation.

Wells was the bartender, which (I thought) meant hands-off, ladies. He would mix tequila and pineapple juice for the contestants while encouraging them to go after what their heart wanted. He also kept viewers updated on "the lonely scallop." Sigh, I miss him. Things were going as planned until Danielle M. came along.

Unfortunately, she had a very short stay in Paradise. She wasn't forced to leave after a ceremony, but instead decided to take an opportunity to do some charity work in Kenya, with the Lwala Community Alliance. She didn't leave Mexico empty-handed. Before hopping in the black SUV, Danielle and Wells shared a steamy kiss. The weirdest part is that they kissed and Danielle just... left and never came back. What the eff?

Leaving Paradise was the best decision for her at the time. Danielle said,

I think it's safe to say the love of my life is not in Paradise. It's not fair, but this is how it's suppose to work out for me.

She did mention that she would miss Wells.

Wells is a person I could have seen myself staying in Paradise for. If I had more time, and I had felt those butterflies.

I'm confused. Apparently, so was the rest of America.

That's why we were all geeked for the BIP reunion to reflect back on all the best moments of the past season — which would include Wells and Danielle.  However, they never got their time in the hot seat. Let me rephrase: Their time in the hot seat wasn't broadcast material.

According to the hero who walks among us, Chris Harrison, Danielle and Wells did get their interview moment, but it just wasn't enough to make it in the actual broadcast. Rude.

Chris Harrison's tweet said,

Producers cut the bit about Danielle and Wells update cause it was pretty confusing and unsatisfying.

Yep, still confused... and now unsatisfied. He continued,

According to what they said on the special Wells and Danielle are not together Sorry we didn't have time to show that bit.

Hmmm...well then, Chris, how do you explain THIS? *Whips out phone to show Danielle's latest Instagram post* On Sept. 13, she shed some light on her relationship with Wells. She used a picture showing off some jewelry that she wore to the BIP finale to let fans know that answers are coming. The caption read,

I'm sorry the answer to Wells questions weren't aired, I get really nervous put on the spot and don't explain things well sometimes. I will be joining Wells on his podcast this week and we WILL dish lol!

Wells hosts Your Favorite Thing Podcast with Brandi Cyrus (yeah, Miley's sister) soooo I guess we'll wait for the real details then. Don't get your hopes up.

Wells and Danielle knew each other before BIP — actually years before, since they are both from Nashville. Wells revealed that the two had gone on a date before the show, but reportedly, it never went anywhere. I'm not sure how this is exactly possible, but whatevs. Either way, Wells thinks Twitter has no chill.

While discussing the amount of attention his dating life has received surrounding the kiss with Danielle, he thinks it's odd how invested people are. He said,

It's also a weird thing when everyone else is trying to make you do something... that you're like, well, hold on, we haven't even... like, 'Twitter, shut up! Like, let me just... Let's go get coffee... Like, relax, you know?'

Fine, we'll chill. WHEN WE LEARN THE TRUTH. Ha, just kidding, love you buddy. BUT YOU BETTER START TALKING REAL SOON.

Will Danielle and Wells be the next BIP couple to make us obsess? At this point, it's looking like no. However, I can't say for sure. I will definitely keep obsessing along until there's a definite answer. I'm talking to you, Wells. I have no chill.

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