Wells Addresses Relationship With Danielle & We're Swooning: "She's A Great Kisser"

by Anna Menta

OK, it's official: Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 has run out of ideas. This is evidenced by the fact that Week 3 featured an in-studio interview with Amanda, Wells, Raven, and Alexis taking "a look back at what's happened in the season." The only problem? Almost nothing has happened in this season! In fact, the only marginally interesting thing that came from this interview was hearing about Wells kissing Danielle M.

"I couldn't let her leave without planting one on her," Wells told Chris Harrison. And when Chris asked if Danielle was a good kisser, Wells confirmed that she was: "She's a great kisser." Is anyone else swooning right now?! This is the true love Bachelor Nation deserves but never gets to see.

Wells Adams and Danielle Maltby together are arguably the only actually romantic couple of Bachelor in Paradise, and they were never even really a couple. Wells is just the bartender, not a contestant, and last week Danielle decided to leave the show to do some charity work in Kenya with the Lwala Community Alliance. But before she left, Danielle and Wells kissed passionately, and it was the first time I felt something all season.

Wells and Danielle knew each other before Bachelor in Paradise, as they both from Nashville. Wells also revealed in this interview that the two had gone on a date before the show — but apparently, it never went anywhere. Never went anywhere?! C'mon, Wells. You guys have more chemistry than anyone else on this show combined. Can Danielle just come back from helping families or whatever and fulfill this fantasy love story for Bachelor Nation instead? (JK, it's great that you are helping children in Kenya have better access to education and medical care, Danielle.)

But I'd much rather see a Wells/Danielle romance than Dean and Kristina love story any day. Sorry Dean, you had your chance — Wells is officially the new bae.