Danielle L From 'The Bachelor' Reveals Truth About Relationship With Luke Pell


The only thing that stopped me from ripping out my hair and crying at my desk every Monday morning was knowing after work I'd be able to watch a new episode of "The Bachelor."

People think reality TV is wack, but that show was the only thing keeping my life together. Watching Corinne take off her top and listening to Nick Viall cry about his insecurities made me feel better about all the dumb shit I do every weekend on Snapchat.

It made me think, "Yeah, maybe my co-workers judge me, but at least I wasn't showing off my bare tatas to 14 million people on national TV."

Just kidding, Corinne. You know I love you.

If I'm being honest (the internet is a safe space, right?) there were some contestants on Nick's season who I actually would be best friends with IRL. Like Dolphin Girl, for example, or Jasmine Goode.

But one of my personal favs was Danielle Lombard, the sweet and spunky business owner from Los Angeles, California.

The 27-year-old was always smiling, even when Nick was doing something stupid, like taking her on a date to his hometown so she could meet his ex.


Danielle was actually sent home by Nick early on in the competition, but her send-off arguably became one of the most shocking moments of the season.

I was able to chat with Danielle L. about her experience on "The Bachelor" and her dramatic breakup with Nick Viall.

We also chatted about her CURRENT dating life, aka those rumors bouncing around about her relationship with "Bachelorette" contestant Luke Pell.

I first asked Danielle what it was like to watch the season back, specifically the moment Nick decided to send her home. She explained,

I mean, I'm still taken back... I feel like, you know, he didn't really give me that many good reasons as to why I went home… it was just an illogical explanation for it. I came to terms with it a bit by seeing his connection with everyone else. I think you just have to respect it even if I didn't agree with it. I think looking back now everything happens for a reason.

She did admit parts of the show were painful to watch, especially the moments she shared with Nick.

It's interesting, I think you get to see more of him and more of everyone else… Corinne especially… I think for the most part it was fun to watch. I think watching my specific dates hurt for me… because it was reminiscent of the connection I had with Nick.

During the "Women Tell All" special, Danielle L. was able to speak to Nick for the first time since their breakup and address the concerns she had. When asked if that moment gave her the closure she needed, Danielle shared,

I think talking to Nick at the 'Women Tell All,' I definitely got the closure that I needed… I was blindsided when he sent me home and I was looking for a deeper explanation as to why things didn't work out… Even though I feel like his answer wasn't exactly what I was looking for, I think that in itself was closure for me and at least I got to say what I had wanted to say to him and it kind of cleared things up for me. I got really emotional, I think, just 'cause for me the breakup was really hard on me, and then watching back and seeing his reaction… that's really shocking when you break up with someone, to see him so emotional and flipping the table over… after 'Women Tell All' I feel like we can completely move on.

Sorry, Nick, you lost a good one! The 36-year-old "Bachelor" did pick Vanessa Grimaldi in the end, but the couple received a lot of criticism after their first public appearance.

I asked Danielle to share her thoughts on Vanessa and Nick's relationship. She said she saw "their connection from the beginning" and was "happy for them" because of the way they balance and challenge each other.

We went on to discuss the rumors about her current love life, aka the dirty deets on her relationship with Luke Pell.

If you recall, the 32-year-old war veteran was a fan-favorite on JoJo Fletcher's season of "The Bachelorette." He was also rumored to be the next "Bachelor" at the time, instead of Nick Viall.

When asked to share her comments on their rumored fling, Danielle didn't hold back. She said,

I mean, from what I've read and seen, it just says that we've talked a couple of times which is exactly that... I mean, we've seen each other at 'Bachelor' events and we've talked… I don't know. If just talking to someone means you're dating someone, I feel like I'd be dating a lot of people right now.

If that's the case, I literally have 65 boyfriends, 12 husbands and two sugar daddies. That's right, THE FELLAS CAN'T GET ENOUGH.

Danielle continued to explain she thinks Luke is "super sweet" and "easy to talk to," so who knows -- maybe sparks will fly.

In terms of if she's open to dating other ex-contestants, well...

I think you just have to keep an open mind.


I actually met Luke on a red carpet once and he's cute AF. If this means he's single and ready to mingle, well, come to mama.

In the meantime, Danielle L. will be hanging out with family, traveling and spending time with the friends she made on "The Bachelor."

She also has her cosmetology license, so she definitely plans to utilize that.

Be sure to follow Danielle L. on Instagram (@daniellellombard) to see more of the fun stuff she's up to.

Also, watch the video below to see me take naps and eat cheese pasta like Corinne. It's funny. You'll love it... just trust me.