Entertainment — I Hired A Nanny To Be Like Corinne From 'The Bachelor'
by Katie Corvino

Hi, my name is Katie Corvino and I'm 24 years old.

Most people my age somewhat have their lives together. Co-workers and friends in their 20s are getting engaged and making babies... and yet, here I am.

I don't even know where babies come from. The toy store? Hell? Could have fooled me.

I spend my days stalking my ex's Venmo history and binge-eating chicken nuggets until I vom. It's not the healthiest lifestyle, but it works. And chicken nuggets are good as fuck. You guys ever get the 20 piece McNuggets? They only cost like five bucks.

Hahaha, somebody date me plz.

Oh, I'm also the Senior Entertainment Writer at Elite Daily, meaning I get to spend my days following Nick Viall on Instagram and tweeting about "The Bachelor."

Man, I love that show.

Seriously, Corinne Olympios is my girl and I don't care who knows it. She's honestly a legend and I want the words "cheese pasta" tattooed on my chest.

Yup, one word over each titty. Come at me, boys.

Not gonna lie, "My heart is gold, but my vagine is platinum" is my new life mantra and spraying whipped cream on my boobs is now my go-to move for picking up guys at the bar.

Ugh, she's perfect.

If you follow Nick's season of "The Bachelor," you know Corinne gets a lot of hate because she's 24 years old and has a nanny.

OK, ASSHOLES. HER NAME IS RAQUEL, AND YOU CAN STFU ABOUT IT. Having a nanny sounds like a dream and anyone who thinks otherwise is just immature... and emotionally unintelligent.


I got your back, Corn.

Because I'm a 24-year-old driven and ambitious woman just like Corinne, I decided to hire a nanny for a day to really live in her shoes.

I called an agency and after they cursed me off twice and, uhhhh, maybe threatened to sue me for harassment, I finally got through to a woman named Linda who agreed to take care of me.

In the video above, you can watch my incredible 24 hours with Raquel Linda. I ate cheese pasta, took a lot of naps and even was fed fresh cucumber slices.

Healthy shit! Yum!

Things also got kind of sexy, hehe. Corinne, baby, WE ARE TWINS!!!!

ABC/Elite Daily

If there are any other nannies who would like to take care of me, hit me up this Saturday. I'm planning a blackout around 10 pm and I need someone to hold my hair back.

Oh, and Corinne? Let's meet up. I think we would be best friends.


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Hi, Mom! I hope you're proud of me!!!!!!