People Found A Way To Blame Beyoncé For Kendall's Pepsi Ad And It's BS


There's a corner of Twitter that found it appropriate to drag Beyoncé into this ad scandal with Kendall Jenner and Pepsi.

It doesn't matter that she was somewhere being pregnant AF and celebrating her ninth wedding anniversary with her hubby, Jay Z.

It also doesn't matter that while Kendall Jenner was following in the footsteps of her culture appropriating family -- Beyoncé was dropping a long-awaited tribute love song on TIDAL.

Beyoncé had to be added into the conversation, because well, why not?

Some wondered if similar outcry would happen if Beyoncé were the one in the Pepsi ad.

Others think she should be held accountable because of her 15-year long relationship with the brand.

Sigh. Sometimes I wish Beyoncé would start handing out clap backs on Insta like...

Since she won't, I'll provide some clarity...

Beyoncé already did her Pepsi ads... and they weren't problematic AF.

We don't have to wonder "what if" Beyoncé did a Pepsi commercial; she's done a handful. None of them were racist or exclusionary. None bit off of any black political movements.

The pop star also has a history of supporting the Black Lives Matter movement. Kendall Jenner does not.

She has uplifted parents who lost children to police violence on multiple occasions and pushed for the victims' justice using her platform online.

The singer also has multiple artistic endeavors under her belt that challenge injustices against black people -- the most obvious ones being her 2016 Black Panther-themed Super Bowl performance and the visual album, Lemonade.

The woman sat on top of a damn sinking police car in the middle of New Orleans to challenge government negligence during Hurricane Katrina, police brutality and the exclusion of black women all in one.

When it comes to activism and/or "artivism," Beyoncé and Kendall Jenner aren't the least bit comparable.

Also, be clear: The commercial is still trash if you replace Kendall with Beyoncé.

It doesn't matter who offered soda to the officer; it still waters down the Black Lives Matter movement with the message that such a simple move can fix the racialized police brutality going on in this country.

Throwing Beyoncé in this debacle says a lot about how our society views black women.

A white woman and a big brand are responsible for a terribly insensitive and disrespectful video that blatantly erases black women (frontrunners and creators of the Black Lives Matter organization) and exploits an entire movement -- yet a black woman who is entirely uninvolved is still being thrown into the mix.

This isn't the only instance of black women being blamed for some bullshit.

Black women were accused of being the reason for Nate Parker's film, "Birth Of A Nation", flopping instead of Nate Parker -- who mishandled conversations about his rape case.

We were also charged with "dividing" January's women's march. Forget the fact that women of color helped organize the thing, and the distance white feminists created that inspired many black women to still sit it out.

Moral of the story: A black woman can be in a forest feeding unicorns while reciting Warsan Shire and still, people will find a way to make her responsible for any and everything.