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17 Best Moments From BTS' 2020 Memories That'll Make Your Soul Happy

Jimin’s no-hands cartwheel in a full-blown suit? Epic.

The Chosunilbo JNS/ImaZinS/Getty Images

BTS’ annual Memories DVD, which documents behind-the-scenes footage from the group’s biggest moments from the previous year, is always one of their most anticipated releases. Since they accomplish so much within each year, fans love taking a step back to appreciate everything BTS has achieved, from their historic award show wins and placements on the charts to their record-breaking album releases. ARMYs also enjoy seeing the group’s behind-the-scenes moments they didn’t get to see on social media, like cute interactions between the members during rehearsals. In case you haven’t gotten your copy yet, here are the 17 best moments from BTS' 2020 Memories, and there are definitely more moments where these came from (this year’s DVD is 11 hours long).

Fans knew BTS’ 2020 Memories DVD was going to be unlike any other. Due to the world essentially shutting down, the group’s Map of the Soul tour got postponed and they had a lot of performances without ARMYs in attendance. Despite everything that happened, they still made the year one to remember. BTS held virtual concerts, filmed livestreams, and was active on social media more than ever to stay connected with fans. They also shot three of their singles to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 and earned their first Grammy nomination. Not to mention, Suga finally dropped his long-awaited second mixtape, D-2, in 2020.

BTS’ latest Memories DVD allows fans to relive these moments all over again. Since the project features so much content, check out the highlights of BTS’ 2020 Memories DVD below.

When RM Wore This Look At The 2020 Grammys

ARMYs agree RM’s 2020 Grammys look was one of his best. Since they only got to see it for a few minutes while he was performing on stage that night, they were happy it made a reappearance throughout the DVD.

When Jin Spun On The Table & Accidentally Fell Off

One of the cutest behind-the-scenes moments was when Jin was spinning on the coffee table in front of all the staff and he accidentally slipped off!

When Suga Showed Off His Guitar Skills

During a Jan. 4 Weverse interview, Suga revealed he learned how to play guitar because it’s something that he can do anywhere at any time. Fans have been steadily following his progress over the past year, so seeing this clip of him strumming backstage made ARMYs so proud.

When J-Hope Exposed His Chest

BTS’ video editors usually cover them up whenever they show a bit of skin, so ARMYs weren’t prepared to see J-Hope expose his chest while filming his “Outro: Ego” music video. They were overwhelmed, to say the least.

When Jimin Did This Impressive No-Hands Cartwheel

Jimin wowed ARMYs when he did a cartwheel with no hands like it was nothing. To make things more impressive, he did it all while wearing a suit.

When V Became A “Conductor”

There were so many funny V moments throughout the DVD, but nothing could top when he pretended to conduct a band performing “Dynamite” on stage. It looked kind of real until the camera zoomed out and revealed it was just a screen.

When Jungkook Danced To “Gangnam Style”

Jungkook can’t help but dance even when he’s not on stage!

When RM & Jin Sang “Dynamite” Together Backstage

It’s impressive how RM and Jin’s vocals were still on point even while they warmed up by running in place. It just goes to show how talented they are!

When Jimin & V Played With A Dog

Jimin and V playing with a dog was the absolute highlight of the DVD and hearing those sound effects during the scene only made the moment more adorable.

When BTS Did Squats Together

No surprise, BTS is synchronized even when they’re working out together.

When BTS Sang “Happy Birthday” To RM

RM got so much love from his members for his birthday. The guys all sang to him and Jin and V gave him sweet forehead kisses, making every ARMY wish they were in his place.

When Suga Couldn’t Get Over Jin & Jungkook’s “Daechwita” Costumes

Fans finally got to see more behind-the-scenes footage of Suga’s “Daechwita” music video and the moment when Suga smiled seeing Jin and Jungkook in full costume was everything. He was clearly so happy to have them on set.

When BTS Reacted To Their “Just One Day” Dance Practice

If you ever wondered how BTS feel seeing their old videos, they’re just as amused as ARMYs seeing how much they’ve changed over the years.

When Jungkook Carried Jin On His Back

Fans were amazed at the amount of Jinkook content throughout the DVD, like when Jungkook showed off his strength by giving Jin a piggyback ride.

When Suga Called J-Hope To Video Chat

When Suga had some free time during his “Interlude: Shadow” music video shoot, he called J-Hope, proving how BTS can’t stand to be apart for long. Their conversation was so wholesome, with J-Hope asking Suga if he ate and had gotten enough sleep.

When Jimin Surprised J-Hope With A Gift

BTS is so supportive of each other’s solo projects, and the moment when Jimin surprised J-Hope on the set of his “Outro: Ego” music video with a gift in hand proves it.

When Jimin & V Danced Together

Jimin and V are total friendship goals. While there were so many moments between them throughout the DVD, them dancing on the set of their “ON” music video was a fan favorite.

Now that you’ve seen the best moments from BTS’ 2020 Memories DVD, you’re probably wondering where you can purchase a copy. It’s easy because all you have to do is buy it from the group’s official Weverse Shop!