Billie Eilish referenced the "although enjoyment" meme during her "What Was I Made For?" performance...

Billie Eilish Has Seen All Those "Although Enjoyment" TikTok Memes

She sang the viral lyric change at a recent concert.

Matthew Baker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Billie Eilish knows what her latest single was made for: TikTok fame. After the release of her Barbie soundtrack song “What Was I Made For?” back in July, the heartbreaking ballad immediately became a TikTok fave. And that popularity exploded even more after an expressive cover of the song garnered millions of likes on the app earlier in August. Yes, Eilish is aware of the new life her song has taken on, which she proved during a recent concert by referencing the “although enjoyment” memes taking over TikTok.

The meme was born on Aug. 10, when content creator @queenzziel0cthevoice posted her own rendition of the final verse of “What Was I Made For?” In the original song, Eilish mournfully sings “When did it end / all the enjoyment / I’m sad again.” But Queenzziel changed the verse to a powerful belt, and her diction delighted viewers, since it sounded like she was singing “although enjoyment” instead of “all the enjoyment.” The clip became a TikTok sensation, with various other users posting edits of the “although enjoyment” riff.

And Eilish is one of the many fans of the TikTok meme. During her Leeds Festival set on Friday, Aug. 25, the singer belted “although enjoyment” and giggled in the middle of her “What Was I Made For?” performance.

Queenzziel reacted to the surprise shoutout by duetting with Eilish’s take on “although enjoyment” on TikTok.

Eilish has been touring festivals around Europe throughout August, making each show special with impromptu ad-libs during her set list. Most notably, she dedicated her Euphoria track “Never Felt So Alone” to Angus Cloud shortly after his death earlier in the month.

She’s also been dealing with a lot of speculation about where she stands with her ex-boyfriend Jesse Rutherford. The two singers broke up in May, and Rutherford seemed to make numerous references to their failed relationship in the lyrics on his recently released album &ONE. However, Eilish confirmed on Instagram that she still considers Rutherford a close friend despite their split.