Barbie Land

The Artist Lineup On The Barbie Soundtrack Is Simply Iconic

Dua Lipa?! Lizzo?! Ken — um, Ryan Gosling?!


Sorry, music festivals — the world’s traveling to Barbie Land for some sonic (and plastic) fun this summer. Ever since the character posters for Greta Gerwig’s Barbie were released in April, the pink-dripped landmark has been on everyone’s radar. The highly anticipated film has an all-star cast, so it’s only right that this aura carried over to its soundtrack, too. On May 25, the artist lineup for Barbie: The Album was announced, and it’s quite a genre-bending dream.

Even Barbie News, who exclusively aired the announcement, can’t handle this riveting lineup. As seen on the film’s official Instagram, the album — produced by Mark Ronson — will feature music from Lizzo, Charli XCX, Nicki Minaj (hopefully, her Harajuku Barbie alter ego makes an appearance), GAYLE, Dominic Fike, FIFTY FIFTY, and more. Both Ice Spice and PinkPantheress also have slots in this roster, perhaps alluding to their duet “Boy’s A Liar,” which will also appear on the album. Or, they may have another hit in store.

Elsewhere, Dua Lipa also has a spot on the album. The singer, who stars as Mermaid Barbie in the upcoming film, first hinted at her involvement on the album on May 22. She shared a teaser of her Barbie single, “Dance The Night Away” on Instagram, and included a fresh look at her siren-inspired aesthetic. In the clip, a disco-slicked groove reminiscent of Dua’s 2020 record, Future Nostalgia, fills the background. OK, that would be iconic if Barbie Land and Club Future Nostalgia exist in the same universe.

Dua then appears on the screen and blows a kiss to the camera before singing, “Just come along for the ride.” A fuller snippet of the track can be heard in the film’s second trailer, which was released the same day the soundtrack was announced.

Ryan Gosling, who plays as Ken, is also down for some plastic fun on the album. The actor has shown his vocal chops over the years, including in 2016’s Oscar-winning La La Land. Clearly, he’s going to serve major Kenergy.

Barbie: The Album releases on July 21.