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Yikes, It Sounds Like Billie’s Ex Just Released A Song All About Her

The lyrics are seriously shady...


Jesse Rutherford isn’t shying away from putting his famous ex in his music, it seems. One track on the singer’s new album has gotten a lot of attention for its bizarre lyrics that seem to reference Billie Eilish, whom he dated for over half a year prior to their breakup in May. The relationship was widely commented on for its notable age gap, which Rutherford alludes to multiple times in the lyrics to his song “POV.”

Rutherford released his album &ONE, under his moniker Jesse®, on Aug. 18, and the braggadocious cut “POV” immediately caught listeners’ attention. In the song, Rutherford details a relationship with a younger woman, whom he says has “daddy issues,” and frequently references babies. The lyrics definitely seem to be alluding to his recent relationship with Eilish, which was frequently critiqued for its 10-year age gap. The couple famously poked fun at the age gap on Halloween, when Rutherford dressed as an old man and Eilish wore a baby costume.

In the “POV” lyrics, Rutherford confirms the song is written about a younger fan who’d been listening to his music for a decade:

She been listening to me since 2013 / I know she’s got daddy issues, welcome to the family / She said, “Jesse, baby, won’t you write a song about me?” / I said, “I got a whole album, I could drop it next week”

There are also several “baby” references, which could be a nod to his and Eilish’s couple’s costume last year. At the end of the song, a female vocalist whispers, “It’s Jesse, baby,” and during the chorus, Rutherford plays on baby talk with the line, “Feel like Alejandro when she Gaga on my goo.”

“POV” isn’t the only song on &ONE that references Eilish. Rutherford actually flat-out says her name on “TURN HEEL” — “I just got a text from Billie Eilish,” he sings. On “LAW OF ATTRACTION,” Rutherford appears to bring up their age gap once again when he sings, “She’s only 21, savage / But she’s a bad b*tch.” Eilish turned 21 shortly after she began dating Rutherford at the end of 2022.

Eilish and Rutherford dated for around seven months from October 2022 to May 2023. Prior to Rutherford’s album release, Eilish confirmed she’s on good terms with her ex, writing he’s her “homie forever” on Instagram on Aug. 12.