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Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs on 'Bachelor in Paradise' Season 7

Bachelor Nation's Becca And Thomas Got Engaged, And The Proposal Had A Twist

He called it "the ultimate UNO reverse card."


When Becca Kufrin and Thomas Jacobs met on the beach in Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 no one saw a love story coming, yet when Becca ended their brief, but passionate, relationship, audiences were crushed. A former villain and former twice-engaged lead had somehow become the power couple of Bachelor Nation. Now Becca and Thomas are engaged, the couple excitedly announced in May 29 Instagram posts. But the proposal was a little non-traditional. Here are all the details on Becca and Thomas’ engagement.

On May 29, Becca and Thomas both posted their exciting announcement to Instagram, sharing professional shots of the moments right after the proposal. Without even reading the captions, you can tell this engagement happened a little differently than most in Bachelor Nation — there were less scattered rose petals and it didn’t happen on a remote beach in Cancun, but those aren’t the only differences. In Becca’s photo dump, Thomas is showing off his simple engagement band with Becca looking on excitedly — in a very refreshing move, Becca proposed to Thomas instead of the other way around.

Her caption reads, “In the ultimate plot twist...HE SAID YES!” She also admitted in her post that the engagement happened quite a while ago, but they weren’t ready to share it yet. They’d just keeping it between friends and family until they were ready to make the big announcement public. There isn’t a clear answer as to why this was the right time for the big reveal but Bachelor Nation fans and cast members don’t seem to mind having something to celebrate after a couple months without any Bachelor updates.

Thomas’ post was a little shorter, calling Becca’s proposal a “power move” and writing, “you keeping me on my toes for a lifetime has a great ring to it.” Former cast-mates and even exes chimed in under their posts sending congratulations. Aaron Clancy, who pursued Becca pretty hard on the beach, commented a “Congrats!”; Blake Horstmann, Becca’s runner up, also sent his love; and Rachel Lindsay, former Bachelorette and current Bachelor Nation icon, commented “Love that you are doing things your way!” BN fans had some thoughts, too, some even taking to Twitter to celebrate the engagement and weigh in on Becca’s choice to break tradition.

This unlikely pairing had quite the journey to get to their engagement. Becca is a long-time resident of Bachelor Nation — you could even argue that she’s the president — winning Arie Luyendyk’s season of The Bachelor with a confusing engagement that led to an even more uncomfortable televised breakup. It’s hard to get that 20-minute-long AirBnB breakup erased from your memory.

Then, with all the support of a Bachelor Nation fanbase that now hated Arie, Becca became the 14th Bachelorette, getting engaged to farmboy Garrett Yrigoyen. In a not-so-shocking twist, Becca and Garrett broke up after two years when she realized their difference in values. Garrett was sharing pro-police and transphobic ideas, among other things, on social media, and Becca quickly ended things.


Thomas, on the other hand, is quite a newbie in the franchise. He first made an appearance on Katie Thurston’s season of the Bachelorette and quickly became a villain, or as some BN obsessives would say, he “got the villain edit.” Thomas made the ultimate mistake of revealing a little too much to his cast-mates — at one point saying he had thought about becoming the next Bachelor. As any BN fan knows, this was a fatal mistake earning him the ultimate “here for the wrong reasons” label. Katie swiftly dumped him and he reappeared for Bachelor in Paradise bruised and ready to make some apologies.

On Season 7 of Paradise, Thomas had a strong character arc, making good with all the men that hated him on their season and finding love with Becca despite some other dates in between. Although they left the season split up, they found their way back to each other off-screen. No one could have seen this couple coming, but in a surprising kind of rom-com way, the former villain and the prom queen seem to be the perfect match. Now fans will just have to wait for their wedding, which is sure to be the Bachelor Nation event of the year.