This Theory About Why Becca Chose Garrett Over Blake Will Blow Your Mind

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From the minute Becca Kufrin met Blake Horstmann, they seemed like a strong match. They first met on "After the Final Rose," the night she was crowned the new star of the series, and their chemistry was instant. During their first one-on-one — also the first of the season — they smashed props from Arie Luyendyk Jr.'s season, symbolically destroying Becca's past relationship. The two had an easy-going, effortless connection, and even Becca noted how similar they were. But her bond with Garrett Yrigoyen prevailed, and she ultimately accepted his proposal. If you're wondering why did Becca Kufrin choose Garrett Yrigoyen like the rest of us, I spoke with Kailen Rosenberg, celebrity love architect and author of Real Love Right Now, to get her insight into the matter.

While it's clear that Kufrin cared deeply for Yrigoyen, some fans felt as if her connection with Horstmann was stronger. Horstmann's ability to stay so positive after surviving a school shooting showed his strength to weather through life's sometimes tragic battles, which seemed like something Kufrin was looking for. But his visible anxiety toward the end of the season, when he voiced his fear that Kufrin would pick Yrigoyen, seeped into his date time with Kufrin. He tried to keep a smile on his face and enjoy their time together, but it was clear he just... knew. Turns out, Kufrin viewed his anxiety as a reason not to be with him. So why did Yrigoyen jump ahead in the race for Kufrin's heart?

Rosenberg says that Kufrin chose Yrigoyen because he loved her selflessly, whereas Horstmann loved her selfishly.

"[Yrigoyen] ... knows himself," Rosenberg tells Elite Daily. "His sense of confidence is not based on ego or stuff or things around him. It comes from a high level of emotional maturity and intelligence. There wasn't an energy or vibe about him that was about to dominate [her] nor control [her]."

Rosenberg says that after Kufrin's engagement to Luyendyk Jr., she truly was looking for the best person for her. "Because of what she went through with Arie, it was clear that Becca did the work she needed to do to look at who her heart would be most safe with."

The way that Yrigoyen showed that he was able to be lighthearted and have a good time with Kufrin proved to be exactly what she wanted.

"He would hold her heart delicately, honor her, give her space, and wouldn't have to compete with her or one-up her," Rosenberg says. She noted how Kufrin appeared to be "radiant" when with Yrigoyen, and seemed more worried or like "she was almost acting" with Horstmann.

During the finale, Yrigoyen told Kufrin that of course he wanted to be with her, but more importantly, he wanted her to find happiness — even if that happiness wasn't with him. "He was selfless [and] coming from a healthy space," she says. "With Blake, it was self-consumed and worried."

Rosenberg points out that Yrigoyen proved to be OK taking more of a backseat to allow Kurfrin to be totally in control of the relationship's progress.

"He held her constantly in a space of respect," Rosenberg says. "He was strong enough to freely love her, to let her find her space, and find herself. He didn't need to control any of it. It's a vibe, and women pick up on that."

As for the controversial Instagram likes that indicated Yrigoyen could have vastly different political ideologies than Kufrin?

Rosenberg says that that "obstacle" brought them closer. "She feels safe, didn't lose herself with him when she was looking at him last night. He had a warmth and strength when they were sitting next to each other on the couch."

Hopefully, his apology last night was sincere and he has since learned why what he liked was wrong. Only time will tell. As for his relationship with Kufrin, I hope they have a happy future together. As for Horstmann? I'm rooting for him to appear as the star of The Bachelor next January.

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