Hero Fiennes Tiffin as Hardin and Josephine Langford as Tessa  in 'After We Fell'

5 Extremely Steamy After We Fell Sex Scenes

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Sometimes you watch movies for the plot ,and other times... well, other times you watch them for the hot hookups that make you squirm in your seat. For most, the After films — based on the novels of the same name by Anna Todd — definitely fall into the latter category, and the third movie in the series seriously holds up to the hype. So much so that you’ll probably want to watch these After We Fell sex scenes in private — they’re *that* titillating.

Ever since the release of the first film in 2019, viewers were smitten with Tessa (Josephine Langford) and Hardin's (Hero Fiennes Tiffin) palpable chemistry. When the second film dropped in 2020, it became pretty clear to fans that even if they had an idea what was coming story-wise thanks to the book series, seeing Hessa go at it onscreen is better than anyone could have imagined. And the third installment, After We Fell, definitely doesn’t disappoint in the sex scene department.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the movie After We Fell. Faced with a cross-country move, complicated family dynamics, and a hot and cold relationship, Hardin and Tessa are faced with some pretty sticky situations in After We Fell. And while they’re trying to figure out how to balance long distance and compromise, it’s once again evident that Hessa’s kinda-toxic bond isn’t exactly one fans should romanticize. Still, even though Hardin and Tessa have some serious jealousy, communication, and personal issues, one thing’s clear: Their sex is still scorching.

Here are Hessa's best sex scenes in After We Fell to hold you over until the fourth installment, After Ever Happy, arrives:


1. The Ice Cube Oral

A mere 12 minutes into the film, fans get their first Hessa sex scene, and it definitely checks off all the boxes. Great song? Slightly problematic? Super arousing? Check, check, check. Basically, after Hardin and Tessa’s father — who is experiencing homelessness — get into a bar fight, Tessa tries to talk with Hardin about how messed up the whole situation was. In an effort to make it up to her, Hardin grabs an ice cube and uses it while going down on Tessa and saying “I’m sorry” over again. Eventually, he grabs a condom and the two go at it while Tessa’s dad sleeps on the couch in the next room and EZI’s “Maraschino Love” plays in the background.

Even though it would have been a whole lot better if Tessa and Hardin talked about the situation instead of just brushing it aside, I did admittedly find myself suddenly parched while watching that ice cube melt.

2. Sex In The Hot Tub

After the sultry shower sex in After We Collided, Hessa got wet again, this time in Hardin’s family’s hot tub while on vacation. Fueled by a picturesque setting and some lingering jealously from dinner when Tessa flirted with a waiter named Robert (Carter Jenkins), the two go at it in Hardin’s dad’s backyard. Even though Tessa’s a little unsure at first, Hardin says she likes the risk of getting caught. Tessa clearly agrees, because she lets Hardin take off her swimsuit top, grab a condom, and have sex with her from behind while Finneas’ “Heaven” plays. 10/10 this is a scene I absolutely want to recreate on my next vacay.

3. The Phone Sex

Sometimes, being in an LDR can feel like a drag, but seeing Hessa have phone sex definitely makes the whole “living in different states” thing seem a little less difficult. With Tessa settling into her new job in Seattle, she calls Hardin after drinking a bottle of her boss’s expensive wine. In a very Hardin move, he tells her to put down the glass and touch herself — which she does. A lot. Granted, this scene is a little less graphic than the others, but it ends with them saying they love each other, which is about as good as it gets for passionate phone sex.

4. The Sex Dream

Obviously, most of the sex in the After series showcases Hessa, but what makes this hookup so hot is that for once, it’s not the usual suspects getting it on. After a night of phone sex, Hardin dreams about Tessa hooking up with the waiter named Robert. Sure, the dream understandably rattles Hardin — so much so that he jets off to Seattle to visit her the next day — but seeing Tessa hook up on the counter with some other guy felt very good for the soul. Hate to be this person but uh... team Tessa and anyone but Hardin!

5. Sex At The Gym


When Tessa wakes up in the middle of the night to find Hardin missing, she heads to the (very impressive) home gym where Hardin’s working out. After explaining his nightmare and telling Tessa she should be with someone else, Tessa mounts Hardin on a bench and tells him to “f*ck [her] until [he] forget[s] about that dream.” With Foreign Air’s “Free Animal” playing, they go at it in the gym while watching themselves in the mirror, making for one of the hottest sex scenes in the entire franchise.

The catch, however, is Hardin and Tessa didn’t use a condom. And even though they purchased the morning after pill the next day, fans never actually see Tessa *take* it, which could point toward a twist in the next installment of the series. Is a baby Hessa in the cards?

After We Fell is now available on Amazon Prime Video.

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