'After We Collided' Book Details
These 'After We Collided' Book Details Will Get You Ready For The Movie

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From Chuck and Blair to Elena and Damon to Christian and Ana, fans love a mismatched pair, and Hardin and Tessa from After are no exception. The couple was introduced to fans in Anna Todd's novel by the same name, and later saw the duo on the big screen when the film adaptation was released in 2019. Now, in anticipation for the sequel movie to hit screens in October, here are some After We Collided book details readers are hoping to see happen in the next film installment.

Thought plenty of readers already knew what would happen in the first movie, seeing Tessa (Josephine Langford) and Hardin's (Hero Fiennes-Tiffin) on-screen chemistry was a gift to viewers everywhere. Since the first film — and book — ended on a pretty big cliffhanger, some fans might not be able to wait to see what happens to Tessa and Hardin in the movie sequel. Plus, the hot trailer with the epic shower scene and appearance by Dylan Spouse doesn't do anything to curb diehard fans' curiosity.

Spoiler alert: This post contains spoilers from the novel After We Collided. The book (and, presumably, movie) sequel starts as Tessa begins an internship at Vance Publishing. She just found out about the bet that Hardin could make her fall for him (which, in the film, is actually are dare). Naturally, she wants nothing to do with him, but Hardin continues to pursue her. In addition to Tessa's dreamy new co-worker, Trevor Matthews (played by Sprouse in the movie), some sparks with Zed (Samuel Larsen), and plenty of family issues to sort out, let's discuss some of the big moments from the book that just might show up on screen as well.

The Book Convention

At the start of the novel, Tessa heads off to a book convention in Seattle as part of her internship. While that's not exactly the big deal here, it's the during the afterparty when she gets drunk and calls Hardin (who's currently her ex) that things get messy. In a very Hardin move, he shows up unannounced.

Unfortunately for him, it looks like Tessa and Trevor were alone in her room. Naturally, Tessa and Hardin fight about it but hook up anyway.

The Sex Tape

No, not a Tessa-Hardin sex tape. It turns out, another dark secret Hardin was keeping (and the reason he was sent away from his home in London) was a leaked sex tape. One of his friends released a video of Hardin having sex with a girl named Natalie prior to his move. After the tape, Natalie got kicked out of her house and lost her scholarship to a private university. Worst yet, she was in love with Hardin and he turned her back on her. This painful truth shakes Tessa and causes her ask for space from him.

Tessa's Car Accident

While the actual accident isn't that big of a deal in the book (Tessa just ends up with a bruised eye), the aftermath certainly is. After getting in a fight, Hardin disappears from a party, goes to a bar, and spends the night at the house of his former fling, Carly. Though nothing happens between the two, he knows he can't tell Tessa where he was because he's an idiot — I mean, because he's afraid she won't believe it was platonic.

As Carly drives Hardin to pick up his car the next day (since he was too drunk and left it at the bar), they get caught in traffic as a result of an accident. Hardin sees Tessa's car and freaks out, only to see that she's fine. Unfortunately, Tessa spots Carly and end things with Hardin on the spot. Again.

Hardin & Zed's Fight

It was only a matter of time before these two really went at it, but when the fight lands Zed in the hospital, it really changes things for Hardin. He gets arrested and is scared he'll get suspended from school and sent to prison. Oddly enough, the incident brings Hardin and Tessa closer together after she visits Zed in the hospital and convinces him not to press charges.

Tessa's Feelings For Zed

Throughout the sequel, Tessa works on getting closer with Hardin's group of friends, including his kinda-nemesis, Zed. Chances are, if you read the books, you're #TeamZed, because Hardin wasn't exactly as charming between the pages as he was onscreen. In the book universe, it makes sense Tessa would feel some kinda way toward Zed.

Though he was part of the bet that broke Hardin and Tessa up, Zed feels remorse over it. After the two grow closer, they eventually talk about their feelings (and share a kiss when Tessa and Hardin are broken up). While Tessa ends the moment because she still loves Hardin, it's enough to send Zessa fans screaming.

Tessa's Father

Throughout the first book and film, Tessa alluded to issues she had with her father. While Hardin's strained relationship is delved into, Tessa's is a mystery. While it's noted in the start of the second book that her father is moving nearby (and actually results and Tessa and Hardin getting back together when she goes to him for comfort), the rest is still pretty mysterious. It's not until the very end of After We Collided, when Tessa and Hardin are walking down the street, that Tessa spots a person experiencing homelessness and calls him "dad."

While there's no word yet on whether the third novel, After We Fell — which explores the life of Tessa's father as well as her love story with Hardin deeper — will also get a movie adaptation, fans are hopeful this isn't the end of the onscreen After series.

After We Collided is scheduled to arrive in theaters on Oct. 2, 2020.

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