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Adele’s Attempt At Beyoncé’s “Mute” Challenge Was A Hilarious Fail

Her Las Vegas audience didn’t understand the assignment.

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Beyoncé’s Renaissance tour has left a lasting impression on fans, including Adele. The “I Drink Wine” singer is currently on her sold-out Las Vegas residency; however, that excursion hasn’t stopped her from studying Bey’s wiggle-releasing shows. On Aug. 26, Adele tested her audience to pass Beyoncé’s “everybody on mute” challenge. And similar to the early Renaissance shows in Europe, the crowd fumbled the challenge hard.

This hilarious fail was captured on a fan’s TikTok. In the video, Adele informed the audience about the trend, which stems from Beyoncé’s Afrobeat-inspired track “Energy.” For context, after Beyoncé sings “Look around everybody on mute” from its opening verse, she’ll gesture the crowd to stay silent for a few seconds. This challenge has turned into a lighthearted (and sometimes, serious) competition of which city can be the quietest, and Washington, D.C. has won the crown so far.

For some fun, Adele wanted to see if her Las Vegas audience were potential runner ups to silence throne. However, she quickly realized they had too much energy. “Let’s practice it,” Adele said before singing the verse. To her disappointment, the crowd erupted in noise and she jokingly called them out for not following instructions. “You f*cking failed miserably. When I sing, ‘Everybody on mute,’ you have to be f*cking quiet,” she teased.

Adele then flaunted her self-proclaimed BeyHive stan card, which has been sitting in gold status for years. She revealed she watched a video of Atlanta’s Renaissance show that morning, and joked the audience also “failed the challenge miserably.” However, it appears she might’ve confused Atlanta with another location (probably St. Louis, because yikes), since Beyoncé declared the Georgia city as the latest winner.

As seen in the TikTok below, the Renaissance star can be heard chanting “ya’ll win” three times after the crowd mastered the challenge.

As for Beyoncé’s Las Vegas audience, they seemed to ace the mute challenge, too. In a fan-captured video from the Aug. 26 show, she excitedly praised the crowd for their participation. “Ya’ll did that!” She exclaimed, not missing one beat of the track. Now, that was certainly the energy Adele was looking for during her residency.

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