Addison Rae shares that she'd love to return for 'Thanksgiving 2' and what holiday she thinks would ...

Addison Rae Has A Holiday-Shifting Pitch For Thanksgiving 2

The newly minted scream queen is ready for more.

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Addison Rae’s 2023 horror movie Thanksgiving proved that Halloween isn’t the only holiday worth screaming over. The slasher, which also starred Patrick Dempsey and Milo Manheim, was such a success that an upcoming sequel has already been announced. While no casting news has been made just yet, Rae is hoping she’ll be asked back for seconds — and the TikTok star thinks there are other holidays that could work for Thanksgiving 2.

“There's obviously tons of horror movies for Valentine's Day,” Rae, who chats with Elite Daily on Zoom, says, “but I love a good Valentine's Day slasher.” Eli Roth, who directed and co-wrote the first film, shared on Instagram that the sequel will be released “sometime in 2025, probably around Thanksgiving,” which hints that John Carver will likely go back to terrorizing his victims on the last Thursday in November. However, if Roth decided to take the film in a different direction and theme it around another holiday, Rae is pulling for Valentine’s Day.

The actor is aware that most holidays have been given the horror-movie treatment before, which is why Thanksgiving was so unique. The idea actually came from a fake movie trailer that Roth made for Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino’s 2007 Grindhouse. It may have taken 16 years, but Thanksgiving was worth the wait — and Rae would love to return to the sequel and reunite with her castmates. “It's always fun to rebuild the family back after you finish shooting something,” she says.

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If the film did decide to take a sweet turn and become a Valentine’s Day slasher, Rae will be prepared with the treats. Thanks to her most recent Super Bowl campaign with NERDS, the “2 Die 4” singer says she’s become “the candy girl” on set. “I have an unlimited supply of NERDS, so that'll be my set contributions to the movie.”

In a teaser for NERDS’ first-ever Big Game ad, out on on Feb. 11, Rae is seen coaching a mysterious celeb in a dance routine. The star of the commercial won’t be revealed until the Super Bowl, which Rae can’t wait to see as a football fan. “I come from the South, so sports are very prevalent over there,” she says.

She’s also excited to work with NERDS. Their Gummy Clusters are not only one of Kylie Jenner’s faves, but they are Rae’s “go-to snack” when she’s working. Her next film Animal Friends, which also stars Ryan Reynolds, Jason Momoa, and Aubrey Plaza, is currently in production.

Below, Rae dishes on who she’s most excited to work with in the cast, whether she’ll be releasing more music in 2024, and another sequel she’d love to star in.

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Elite Daily: You first gained a lot of notoriety for dancing on TikTok. How does it feel jumping back into a dancing role for this Super Bowl commercial?

Addison Rae: It's a dream come true. Growing up in dance, you always hope that there's going to be something bigger you can contribute to with it. This is just the perfect opportunity.

ED: Would you ever want to be in a movie musical?

AR: That would be awesome. I'm a huge fan. I have a lot of work to do to get there, but I would definitely love to do that. I see it in my future.

ED: Speaking of music, last year, you got to release some new music from your lost debut album. What were you feeling when your EP, AR, was finally put out?

AR: A big sense of relief and excitement. It just felt like such an amazing stepping stone, and I feel like it was something that needed to come out for me to move forward in my artistry. It was very reassuring and very confidence-building. It's always scary to put something out, so it's very calming once you do it to be like, it's out in the world and it's not in my hands anymore.

ED: And what are your upcoming music plans? Any chance for a full-length album in 2024?

AR: I'm always working. I’m always in the studio making new music and playing around and having fun. So, who knows?

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ED: Which artists would you love to collab with?

AR: I have pretty basic answers for this. It's a childhood dream to collaborate with someone like Madonna or Britney Spears. But, there are just so many people that you could end up collaborating with because they have similar interests as you, or they’re just perfect for a specific song.

ED: It would be great to see Britney come out of retirement to do something with you.

AR: I just want her to come out of her retirement in general. Literally, I want every piece of Britney Spears content delivered to me. I need to see it all.

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ED: You're also going to be starring in Animal Friends. Who in the cast are you most excited to work with?

AR: Aubrey Plaza. I'm just such a big fan, and one of my close friends actually just worked with her not that long ago and said she was amazing. So, I’m very excited for that.

ED: Is there any actor out there that you haven't worked with before that you want to?

AR: There's such a huge list. Maybe in some big dream I'd love to work with Carey Mulligan. I think she's so amazing. I also love Jennifer Coolidge. This list could go on and on and on, but Rachel Sennott would be really fun. I just love her in real life, and Ayo Edebiri as well. They're just so amazing together. Maybe I just want to be on set watching them. I just want to see them do their thing.

ED: If they do a Bottoms 2, you'll be in it.

AR: Yes, exactly. Cast me in Bottoms 2.

This interview has been condensed and edited for clarity.

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