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Aubrey Plaza played Harper in 'The White Lotus' Season 2.
What To Watch When You Can't Get Enough Aubrey Plaza

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From her breakout role as the surly intern on Parks & Recreation to her vengeful turn as a spurned wife in The White Lotus, Aubrey Plaza’s career has run the gamut. She may be best known for her deadpan, sarcastic delivery, but the wide range of shows and movies she’s starred in over the years prove she can nail just about any part. If you’re a superfan (and why wouldn’t you be?), then you need to add these TV shows and movies starring Plaza to your watchlist immediately.

Plaza got her start as a comedian in the Upright Citizens Brigade in the early 2000s, while also interning as a page at NBC. Funnily enough, Plaza used that page gig to land her first TV role, briefly appearing as an NBC page on an episode of 30 Rock. Since then, Plaza has conquered pretty much every genre in the book, from laugh-out-loud comedies to nail-biting thrillers to heartbreaking dramas. She may have come up in the world of comedy, but Plaza has branched out in so many ways over the years. If you’re craving some more Aubrey Plaza in your life, then scroll through this list and pick out any movies or shows you haven’t seen yet. Or take this as a sign to rewatch all your faves.


Parks & Recreation


Plaza's best-known role is undoubtedly the surly intern-turned-assistant April Ludgate in Parks and Recreation. The apathetic Parks Department employee made Plaza's deadpan sense of humor her signature trait, as April served as a hilariously dark foil to Amy Poehler's overly perky Leslie Knope. You can stream all seven seasons of Parks and Recreation on Peacock.


The White Lotus

Plaza brought the drama to Sicily in the second season of The White Lotus as the suspicious Harper, who becomes convinced her husband Ethan cheated on her. As is par for the course in The White Lotus, Plaza’s role was incredibly nuanced, with Harper’s final actions still open to fans’ interpretations. You can stream The White Lotus Season 2 on HBO Max.


Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Plaza doesn't have a huge part in this star-studded 2010 comedy, but as the confrontational Julie Powers, she gets several very funny scenes. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World is one of the first big movies Plaza appeared in, so it's fun for fans to see her at the start of her acting career. You can stream Scott Pilgrim vs. the World on Netflix.


Safety Not Guaranteed

In the first movie she was featured as the lead actor, Plaza plays a reporter who becomes involved in a questionable time-travel plan after coming across a ridiculous newspaper ad. It's a quirky rom-com that proved Plaza could helm a movie, making it a must-watch for any fans of hers. You can stream Safety Not Guaranteed on Netflix.


Life After Beth


Leave it to Aubrey Plaza to star in one of the most hilariously morbid rom-coms ever. In Life After Beth, Plaza plays the titular Beth, who mysteriously returns from the dead as a zombie to rekindle her relationship. You can rent Life After Beth for $2.99 on Amazon Prime Video.


Welcome to Sweden

A lot of people became familiar with Plaza from Parks and Recreation, and Welcome to Sweden is the perfect follow-up watch for fans of the beloved sitcom. Created by and starring Amy Poehler's brother, Greg Poehler, the comedy series features Plaza as a fictionalized version of herself who constantly finds ways to toy with the main character Bryce (played by Greg). You can stream Welcome to Sweden on Pluto TV.


Happiest Season

Yes, Aubrey Plaza even has fans who are looking for a cozy Christmas rom-com covered. When Hulu released Happiest Season in 2020, all of Twitter was in agreement that Plaza stole the show as the self-assured doctor Riley. And while the movie didn’t end the way Plaza fans (nor Plaza herself) wanted it to, it’s still a holiday classic that’s perfect for a rewatch each December. You can stream Happiest Season on Hulu.


Dirty Grandpa

Plaza let down her hair to play a wild spring breaker in the blockbuster comedy Dirty Grandpa. The raunchy flick's A-list cast also includes Robert De Niro, Zac Efron, and Zoey Deutch, and it features one of Plaza's wildest romances ever as her character falls for De Niro's character. You can rent Dirty Grandpa for $3.99 on Amazon Prime Video.


The Legend of Korra

While you won't see Plaza's face in this hit animated series, the character she voices, the apathetic but extremely dangerous Water Tribe princess Eska, is unmistakably a perfect fit for the actor. You can stream The Legend of Korra on Netflix.




In what is easily her trippiest role ever, Plaza plays the dead friend who haunts David Haller's mind in the psychological thriller superhero series Legion. As Lenny, Plaza delivers some seriously wild monologues and rocks next-level looks throughout the series. You can stream Legion on Hulu.


Mystery Team

Plaza's feature film debut came in the 2009 detective comedy Mystery Team, in which she played a teenager whose parents had both just been mysteriously murdered. The movie actually features a ton of big names in some of their earliest roles, such as Donald Glover, Ellie Kemper, and Ben Schwartz. You can stream Mystery Team for free on Tubi TV or Plex.


Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates

Plaza's other big raunchy comedy besides Dirty Grandpa re-teamed her with Zac Efron, and it also saw her working with her frequent costar Anna Kendrick once again. Based on a real Craigslist ad that went viral, Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates stars Plaza as a slacker party girl who pretends to be a put-together schoolteacher in order to get the free vacation that comes along with the wedding invite. You can stream Mike & Dave Need Wedding Dates on Hulu.


Funny People

One of Plaza's earliest movie roles featured her in an all-star ensemble cast full of the biggest names in comedy. In it, she plays Daisy, a stand-up comedian and the longtime crush of Seth Rogen's character. You can stream Funny People on Hulu.


Ingrid Goes West


Stories about the damaging effects of social media have been a hot topic in recent years, and one of the best movies to tackle it is Ingrid Goes West. Plaza plays the titular character, who becomes so obsessed with an Instagram influencer that she uproots her whole live in order to get close to her. You can stream Ingrid Goes West on Hulu.


About Alex

Probably Plaza's most serious project to date, About Alex is a drama centering on a group of friends who get together after one of them (Alex) attempts suicide. In the film, Plaza plays Sarah, a corporate lawyer who is unhappy with her life. You can stream About Alex on Amazon Prime Video.


30 Rock

For diehard fans of Plaza, you can see her first TV acting role ever in Season 1, Episode 7 of 30 Rock. Plaza plays an NBC page in the episode, which is a job she actually had at the time. You can stream 30 Rock on Peacock.

Emily the Criminal
Universal Pictures

Plaza became an action star in the 2022 crime thriller Emily the Criminal. The movie stars Plaza as a woman deep in debt who discovers her talent for credit card fraud. However, the new job comes with a lot of incredibly dangerous implications. You can stream Emily the Criminal on Netflix.


Child's Play

Plaza became a scream queen in 2019, when she starred in the reboot of Child's Play. She plays the mother of a boy who receives an animatronic doll, which begins to terrorize the family and everyone around them. You can stream Child's Play on Hulu.


10 Years

Plaza has been in a number of ensemble movies full of impressive names, but none can top the 2011 high school reunion flick 10 Years. Plaza plays the wife of one of the reunited classmates in a film that also stars the likes of Channing Tatum, Jenna Dewan, Chris Pratt, Oscar Isaac, Rosario Dawson, and Kate Mara. You can stream 10 Years on YouTube or Amazon Prime Video.


Black Bear

In the enigmatic drama Black Bear, Plaza’s Allison is thrown around in the middle of a strange love triangle. The movie experiments with a shifting story structure, keeping viewers on their toes as the tone constantly shifts between scenes. You can stream Black Bear on Paramount+.


The To Do List

CBS Films

Plaza tapped into the mind of every awkward high schooler for her rom-com The To Do List. She stars in the film as Brandy, an overachiever who resolves to spend the summer after her high school graduation completing a list of sex acts in order to prepare her for college. You can rent The To Do List on iTunes or Google Play for $3.99.


Addicted to Fresno

While Plaza can nail any genre, dark comedies are definitely her forte, and that is on full display in Addicted to Fresno. In it, Plaza plays a personal trainer who takes a romantic interest in Natasha Lyonne's character Martha in the movie about a pair of contentious sisters. You can stream Addicted to Fresno on Peacock or Amazon Prime Video.


Playing It Cool

Plaza pops up in this Chris Evans-led rom-com as a friend of Evans' character who helps him talk through his unfamiliar feelings of love. The movie boasts a star-studded cast alongside Plaza and Evans, including Luke Wilson, Anthony Mackie, Ashley Tisdale, and Topher Grace. You can stream Playing It Cool on YouTube, Hulu, Peacock, or Amazon Prime Video.


The Little Hours

Universal Pictures

Plaza is at her silliest in her 2017 medieval comedy The Little Hours, playing an Italian nun with a penchant for violence. The quirky convent comedy also features Alison Brie, Dave Franco, Molly Shannon, and Fred Armisen. You can rent The Little Hours for $1.99 on Amazon Prime Video.

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