Aubrey Plaza stole the show in Hulu's 'Happiest Season.'

Aubrey Plaza Totally Stole ‘Happiest Season’ & All Of Twitter Is Swooning For Her


Aubrey Plaza deserves a slow clap. The actress appears in Hulu's new Christmas film, Happiest Season, and while her character wasn't a focal point of the story, she still managed to have everyone chattering about her performance. After the film hit the streaming service on Nov. 25, Twitter lit up with rave reviews about Plaza's appearance in the festive flick. These tweets about Aubrey Plaza in Happiest Season prove just how happy the season really is.

The holiday rom-com stars Kristen Stewart, who plays Abby, and MacKenzie Davis as her girlfriend, Harper. When the two head home for the holidays together, things get a little messy. Plaza plays an old flame from Harper's past, Riley, and her performance is all the talk of Twitter. Fans can't seem to get enough of the instantly detectable chemistry between Plaza and Stewart, and it's clear Happiest Season is already an LGBTQ rom-com for the ages.

As the first LGTBQ Christmas rom-com released by a major studio, it was important to director Clea DuVall to see her story represented on-screen. “In a lot of ways, this movie is autobiographical just in that I’ve been both characters at different times in this movie,” DuVall told TheWrap. “And being able to tell a universal story like going home for Christmas through a unique lens just seemed like a really great opportunity to tell a story — to tell a story which we’ve heard in a different way.”

According to fans, Plaza stole the whole damn show.

Many fans felt like Riley and Abby should have ended up together in Happiest Season, considering their chemistry throughout the movie.

In the end, Abby and Riley didn't end up together, but fans are now calling for a spinoff with Riley being the protagonist.

Who knows, maybe Hulu will listen to fans and we'll see a spinoff starring Plaza when next Christmas rolls around. For fans of Riley, that would be the best present of all.