Aubrey Plaza responded to fans who wanted Riley and Abby to end up together in 'Happiest Season.'

Yes, Aubrey Plaza Wanted 'Happiest Season's Riley & Abby To End Up Together, Too


Hulu's new holiday flick Happiest Season has had the internet buzzing ever since it was released on Nov. 25, and there's one opinion that everyone who's seen the movie seems to agree on: Abby should have ended up with Riley. The chemistry between Aubrey Plaza's character and Kristen Stewart's was completely undeniable for a lot of fans, and now Plaza herself is weighing in on the discussion. Aubrey Plaza's response to Happiest Season fans shipping Riley and Abby revealed she knows exactly how viewers felt.

In Happiest Season, Abby (Stewart) forms a bond with her girlfriend's ex, Riley (Plaza), after her girlfriend asks her to pretend to be straight over the holidays with her family. The rom-com ended with Abby and Harper (Mackenzie Davis) reconciling after working through their struggles, leaving Riley on her own.

During an interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Colbert asked Plaza how she felt about the vocal Happiest Season fans flooding social media with the opinion that Abby should have ended up with Riley. Plaza shared that she also wanted to see Riley and Abby get together at the end of the movie.

"Look, I wanted it too, OK? I'm not gonna lie. I wanted it too," Plaza admitted. "I wanted it very badly. But I didn't write the thing, I didn't direct the thing. I just showed up, did my job, and got out of there. There's some things you just don't have control over. But I'm not giving up hope on Riley, I think that she's got a bright future ahead."

Plaza's last remark could be a wink to rumors of a Happiest Season sequel, which fans are hoping will center on Riley.

Plaza's response echoes a statement she made about her character prior to Happiest Season's release in an interview with her costar Dan Levy. "I hope people walk away from the movie and they're disappointed that Kristen Stewart didn't end up with my character and they riot in the streets about it," Plaza joked. "For me, it's a competition, acting is a competition, and I just want to win."

Clearly, Plaza was rooting got a Riley and Abby relationship as much as the rest of the fans. Here's hoping a possible sequel can give Riley the love story she deserves.