Comedian Jeff Dye performs at The Stress Factory Comedy Club on January 28, 2021, months before spli...

Who Is Jeff Dye, The Man Linked To Clare Crawley *And* Kristin Cavallari?

The comedian’s clearly a charmer.

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Slowly but surely, Jeff Dye has been romancing reality television royalty: First Kristin Cavallari (once of Laguna Beach fame), and now former Bachelorette Clare Crawley. After dating Cavallari for five or so months in late 2020 and early 2021 (following her divorce from football player Jay Cutler), Dye was spotted with Crawley at a Los Angeles Lakers’ game on Nov. 2 — barely a month after she reportedly split from fiancé Dale Moss. A source told Hollywood Life that the two met through mutual friends and had apparently “hung out two days in a row.” But like, who is Jeff Dye? And what all do we know about this seemingly charming fellow? Let’s discuss.

A 38-year-old Seattle native, Dye’s bio on his site describes him as a “a nationally touring comedian, actor, host, prankster and Bigfoot enthusiast” as well as someone whose “passion is bringing love and positivity through laughter to everyone he encounters.” He’s starred in sitcoms alongside George Foreman (yes, of the grills) and Henry Winkler, has a pup called Bub (aw), and hosts a podcast about friendship (how wholesome). So, what else do we know about Dye? And how excited should we be about his potentially budding relationship with Crawley? Here’s a quick peek at what we’ve learned about the comic.

Dye’s First Love Is Comedy

Having launched his career on Last Comic Standing (where he finished third back in 2008), it feels safe to say that Dye’s true love, first and foremost, is comedy. He’s appeared on a handful of shows and sitcoms in recent years — including NBC’s Better Late Than Never and MTV’s Money From Strangers and Numbnuts — and regularly does standup, often posting clips and quotes to Instagram.

Was it his goofy sense of humor that attracted the likes of Cavallari and Crawley? Quite possibly.

Cavallari And Crawley Aren’t The First Famous Women He’s Romanced

In addition to Cavallari (and now, potentially, Crawley), Dye has been linked to a couple of other women who have gained notoriety in their respective fields. He’s said to have had a fling with Sara Jean Underwood, an actress and model who was named Playboy’s Playmate of the Year in 2007 (there are photos of the two together on — wait for it — Dye’s MySpace page). He also dated Rebecca Quinn — a wrestler from Ireland, better known in WWE circles as Becky Lynch — back in 2019.

Dye’s Partner Must Love Dogs

A self-proclaimed dog lover, Dye — as mentioned — has a fluffy pup of his own named Bub, who he (obviously) adores. Odds are, any woman hoping to enter his life won’t simply have to woo Dye; they’ll have to woo Bub as well.

Dye’s No Stranger To Controversy

Dye’s comedy is edgy at best (and, arguably, sexist and exclusionary at worst). On Sept. 15, 2021, Dye posted a tweet in which he seemed to be mocking a comedy show called “Men Aren’t Funny,” performed by a roster of women and non-binary jokesters. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, it earned him a fair bit of backlash. He addressed the incident on Jeff Dye’s Friendship Podcast.

“I put a tweet out there that got me a lot of heat,” Dye said. “I knew what I was doing by posting that, I’m not gonna play dumb, but so did you when you named a show ‘Men Aren’t Funny...’ In a lot of ways, women are better than men, because men act like pigs. But instead, your answer to it is just to act like pigs back.”

Which… um… yikes?

Simply put, Dye seems to be the class clown type, for better or worse. And whether he’ll be able to keep Crawley laughing has yet to be seen. But trust us, we’re keeping an eye on this budding couple.