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Here's what to know about if Clare Crawley is dating Jeff Dye after her split with Dale Moss.

It Looks Like Clare Is Moving On From Dale With Kristin Cavallari’s Ex

This guy is no stranger to a famous fling.

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The messy breakup drama between Clare Crawley and Dale Moss seems to have subsided, and it looks like the reality star might be dating someone new. This special someone is reportedly none other than Jeff Dye, Kristin Cavallari’s ex. Although neither of them has confirmed any dating rumors yet, here’s what to know about if Clare Crawley is dating Jeff Dye, because it looks promising.

Crawley and Moss connected on Season 16 of The Bachelorette, which culminated in the couple’s engagement in November 2020 after Crawley made the call to end the season early after only two weeks. Then, fans watched as the two went through their first split in January 2021, reconnected in February, and then sealed the deal as a couple again in April when they officially let fans know they were back together (phew). And then, there was the messy second breakup in late September. Nonetheless, it appears that Crawley has officially moved on, and it might be with comedian and actor Dye.

The reality star was spotted with Dye at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Nov. 2. Dye previously dated Cavallari earlier in 2021, after her divorce from Jay Cutler, but the two split up in March. A source close to Crawley told Hollywood Life that she and Dye had “hung out two days in a row,” including at an Alo Yoga event.


The source added, “She may come to one of his comedy shows this weekend in San Diego. She’s totally done with Dale,” saying that it’s “for good this time.”

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Crawley and Moss’ second split was not a smooth one. After they announced their second engagement in July, cheating rumors involving Moss arose. He was accused of cheating on Crawley with Bachelor in Paradise cast member Abigail Heringer. The rumor surfaced when Instagram celebrity gossip account @Deuxmoi posted an anonymous tip that Moss had been involved with someone else. Amid the pressure of these accusations and Crawley’s mother, Lilia Crawley, being placed in hospice care, as well as her own recovery from surgery, Crawley and Moss’ relationship didn’t survive and they called it quits.

The rest of the points that got them to the breakup were equally as messy. Crawley reportedly blocked Moss’ number, and Moss’ statement about the split was pretty intense, claiming that he had wanted to reconcile their relationship and was offering support for her during her mother’s worsening condition, but was surprised when his phone number was blocked.

Despite the awkward public breakup, it seems like Crawley is well on the way to another relationship and is definitely over the split with Moss.