4 Things You'll Feel When You See The Guy Who Ghosted You Out In Public

by Alison Segel

I have been very #blessed in the fact that I have never seen a guy who ghosted me in public. But it happened to my best friend once while at a bar, and she made me hide behind a fake fern for 15 minutes until the guy went to go smoke a cigarette on the patio. Then, we made a run for it.

I thought her behavior was insane at first, but then, I started to understand. Having feelings for someone and thinking your relationship is going to go somewhere — and then having them completely disappear from your life — can be pretty traumatic.

She was bummed, and then, she was angry, and then, she was sad, and then, she got super super drunk and ended up going home with a guy she hardly knew. What a roller coaster of emotions!

If you've ever seen the guy who ghosted you out in public, you know how my friend felt. And if you haven't run into anyone who has dissed you, then saddle up because it's bound to happen one day.

Here are all the things you'll feel when you run into that guy who rejected you.

1. Your Stomach Will Drop

Running into that guy who ghosted you is a major shock to your system. You don't expect it. It's like seeing, well... a ghost.

The first reaction you'll have is the "I want to barf right now" reaction, which I'm sure you have felt. Your heart will sink to the pit of your stomach. Your hands will get clammy. Are you gonna pass out? I don't know. Where are your friends? Oh my god, has he seen you yet?

Your body immediately goes into the fight or flight response. You don't know if you should stand like a statue forever, run to the nearest exit, or maybe go to the bathroom to throw up.

2. You'll Have A Rage Blackout


Next, you'll get angry because you'll remember what he did to you. You should be angry! It's annoying as hell. How could that guy pretend to like you and then just go MIA like that? WTF?

Whatever you do, though, don't get violent. That's not a good look!

Just because that guy stopped responding to your texts, doesn't mean you can punch him or throw a drink in his face, unfortunately. Confronting your ghoster at a bar, yelling at him, demanding answers, or even warning the girl he is on a date with (if he is on one — woof, brutal) doesn't make him look bad. It only makes you look crazy. In fact, he'll just leave the encounter glad that he ghosted you.

3. You'll Want To Cry

Remember, don't cry in public. There is no crying in public over boys. Any guy who stopped talking to you out of nowhere doesn't deserve you or your tears.

So if you can, try your best to suck it up. If you feel like waterfalls are about to come out of your eyes, then excuse yourself to the nearest bathroom immediately.

4. You'll Flirt With The Closest Thing Next To You

Finally, after you've gone through all the stages of ghosting grief, you'll probably want to make that guy jealous. You'll see a hot guy at the bar standing next to the guy who ghosted you, and all of a sudden, you'll be telling him he's hot, even if he looks like a lagoon creature, and you wouldn't want anything to do with him any other time.

But remember, you don't need another notch in your belt just to show the guy who ghosted you that you are desirable. Only flirt and hook up with someone else if you want to, not to get another guy's attention. That always comes off as desperate and transparent, which is not a good look.

If you've ever run into a guy who ghosted you — or even an ex — out in public, then these emotions are probably very familiar to you. But keep your cool. Living well is the best revenge.

Plus, you can always freak out in the car, in the group text, or once you get home, right?

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