This Girl Was Ghosted By A Single Dad After They Dated For 4 Months

by Candice Jalili

This week we have Julia* who was ghosted by a single dad she was dating for four months:

We were dating for four months. I have no kids, and he was a single dad of a 6-year-old boy whom I haven't met yet. We had a date night last Thursday, and he even slept over. Everything was good and normal. I couldn't see him Saturday due to a birthday, so I suggested meeting up Friday night. He agreed, and I planned it, so to speak, but he chimed in on what sounded good to him. His last text to me was "OK babe, sounds good. I'm still volunteering at my son's Harvest Festival until 8 pm." I told him that was fine and to text me when he was done.
I continued to get ready and headed up in the area where he lives and where our date would be. One hour went by. Then, two went by. There was nothing! I sent him a text stating I was hungry and going home. Then, I told him I wish he could have let me know if he wasn't able to make it or if he was running late. But I still got no response.
I called him, too, but it went to voicemail. Finally, I texted him the next day, called once more and still got nothing.
It's been four days now, and I still haven't heard one peep. The past few days have been hard because I really opened up to this guy more than ever, as he did with me. I did a drive-by just to make sure he was OK, and sure enough, his car was there. I did not knock, though, as his son lives with him, and so does his mom. But still, I'm so confused and hurt. I have had a lengthy text sitting in my drafts for two days now. I know I need to send it, but I'm secretly hoping he'll realize what he did, so I can rip him a new one.

Lots of times I have an idea about why someone got ghosted. But I don't have one here.

I just don't GET this guy.

First of all, I'd assume having a child of your own would force you to be mature enough to formally end a relationship like a real adult.

My dad's single, but I don't think he's going around ghosting chicks left and right. Why? Because he's a DAD. He has to set an EXAMPLE.

Second, I don't get why he'd be so normal in that last text he sent her if he was planning on never speaking to her again. The whole thing just seems so weird and eerie to me.

Have you guys had any situations similar to this? Do you see where he was coming from?

If so, comment your opinions below! I always want to hear from you.

*Names have been changed.