A moon in Virgo man and a woman on a dinner date, talking and eating.
Here’s How To Tell If Someone With A Virgo Moon Is Really Into You

Their love language is in the details.

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When it comes to astrological compatibility, your partner’s sun sign can tell you a lot about the way they love. But that’s just one component of their birth chart — moon signs can reveal just as much (if not more) about a person’s love languages and approach to relationships. If your partner is a man with his moon in Virgo, for example, he’s likely to be attentive, detail-oriented, and very choosy.

If you’re new to astrology, you probably know your sun sign, but your moon sign offers a look into the way you process emotions, the way you think, and your innermost (possibly even subconscious) fears, beliefs, and desires. If someone’s rising sign describes what they’re like at first glance, their moon sign reflects their deeper self — it’s been said the better you know someone on an intimate and emotional level, the more you can recognize the traits associated with their moon sign.

So, what does it mean if your S.O. is an analytical, whip-smart, and organized Virgo at heart? More importantly, what does it mean for your relationship? Here’s everything to know about dating someone with this intellectual, thoughtful, and service-focused astrological placement.

They Need Structure And Routine
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In general, people with earth sign placements need reliability and seek out grounded, stable relationships. Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the planet of communication, meaning your crush prioritizes clarity, honesty, and reciprocation over excitement and drama. Even if your crush’s sun sign is more spontaneous, they secretly crave a reliable routine and solid partnership if their moon is in Virgo. (At least, they crave that with the right person.)

They’re Perceptive
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To put it bluntly, you can’t get anything past someone with a Virgo moon. They can intuit your every mood (possibly to an annoying extent) and read a room as soon as they walk into it. What’s more, they’re natural problem solvers, and they will want to talk things through and help you handle difficult or scary situations. Sometimes, you might need to give them a heads-up that you don’t need advice or a pep talk — you just want to vent.

They’ll Remember Details And Anniversaries

Your moon in Virgo man might not be one for grand gestures or dramatic speeches, but his love language is action, action, action. People with this placement are service-oriented and will show you they care by paying attention, remembering and recalling even your most offhand comments, and quietly taking care of small but stressful tasks. They might not always have the words to tell you how much they love you, but rest assured, they’ll show you.

They Have High Standards
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If you’re dating someone with a moon in Virgo, congratulations! They’re picky, and when they choose to settle down with someone, it’s because they know their relationship is the real deal. This means that when they’re committed, they’re committed: They aren’t likely to be scared off by one minor fight or disagreement. If you’re still trying to date someone with this placement, just give it some time. They’re not one to jump into anything, but once they’ve realized you’re meant to be, you’ll likely have a relationship well worth the wait.

Your partner’s sun sign can tell you a lot about how they are, but their moon placement reveals how they think, feel, and care for the most important people in their life. And if you’re important to someone with a moon in Virgo, it’s safe to say you’ll know.