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Why Megan Fox and MGK are energetically connected, according to an aura reader.

What Megan Fox And MGK’s Aura Colors Say About Their Intense Romance

An expert analyzes their creativity, passion, and compatibility.

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Years ago, if you had asked me about Megan Fox, I wouldn’t have known much about her personal life apart from her marriage to 90210 alum and former boy-next-door Brian Austin Green, and that she had a few kids. Aside from their fame, Megan and Green seemed like a pretty conventional, “white picket fence” couple. But then, she met Machine Gun Kelly (Colson Baker) in 2020, and suddenly, the duo became the wildest couple this side of Kravis.

Now, I know more about Megan and MGK than I ever imagined possible. Like how they apparently drink each other’s blood, how Megan reportedly had a hole cut in the crotch of an outfit to have sex with him, and how she claims to have manifested him when she was just four years old. Oh, and how Megan couldn’t see MGK’s face when they first met at a GQ party due to their “spirit guides” blocking the way. (Ah yes, the old spirit guide c*ck-block. I hate when that happens.)

To find out what makes these two tick, I consulted celebrity psychic and aura reader Mystic Michaela to dive deeper into their compatibility. Mystic Michaela sees auras — aka the invisible energy fields that surround all living beings and represent our unique energy. According to Mystic Michaela, your aura can be vivid or dark, fractured, hazy, shiny, or any number of adjectives depending on your behavior, temperament, mood, and more.

During a reading, there are 10 aura colors that Mystic Michaela can see; red, yellow, green, blue, purple, indigo, pink, turquoise, rainbow, and crystal. Each hue and color combo has its own characteristics. Most people have two colors, some have three, and occasionally, someone will have just one. Everyone’s aura is unique, so even if you share the same aura combo with someone, like fingerprints, no two are alike. Rainbow and crystal auras are special because they do not combine with other colors (more on that later). For now, let’s get into these two lovebirds. What do MGK and Megan’s aura colors say about their relationship?

Machine Gun Kelly: Green and Purple

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The purple part of MGK is “very emotional and spontaneous,” says Mystic Michaela after analyzing a photo of him. “Purples, as artists, can be very layered about how they experience the world — and that includes love [and] relationships.” In other words, it’s possible that MGK doesn’t just want to experience rainbows and butterflies, but also the more intense things in life, too. “Purples don’t like an elephant in the room or an unsaid thing,” Michaela tells Elite Daily. “They want to ‘go there,’ always. [MGK] feels like the type to give words to not just the light parts of love, but the dark parts as well.”

In an emotionally raw interview on The Drew Barrymore Show, MGK spoke about his intense emotions, sharing that Megan’s support has been crucial in helping him heal from past hurt. “My girl is the one that encouraged me to face my past….and why I put on those smiles I don’t want to wear,” he told Drew.

According to Mystic Michaela, the green part of MGK’s aura represents dedication and commitment. People with green auras are also incredibly intelligent and analytical. In MGK’s case, the fact that green appears alongside purple — which represents his innate creativity and artistry — could mean that the artist is extra dedicated to his craft. “Making all of this [energy] part of the art he shares and sending it to the masses with his music is how his systematic and visual green steps in,” Mystic Michaela says. “The green part will make sense of purple creativity and put it into something actionable. Greens are interested in production, media, and how art can be displayed in these ways.”

Megan Fox: Rainbow

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Buckle your seatbelt, because rainbow auras are unique — just like Megan herself. According to Mystic Michaela, rainbow auras are incredibly rare since they “reflect an otherworldly connection,” and as it turns out, Megan could be something called a “Starseed.” Mystic Michaela tells Elite Daily, “In the spiritual world, Starseeds are defined as beings who have had past lives as extraterrestrials. The rainbow auras as I see them are very attached to the world outside of our own and find comfort in the cosmos.” Yes, you heard right: according to this aura reader, Megan might just be a super hot reincarnated alien.

Megan’s rainbow aura may also mean that she’s tapped into a higher level of consciousness. “It's often these people who are interested in the interconnectedness of us all, astrology and how the planets affect us, as well as the hope for a greater united front — not only as individual humans but as a collective race of beings,” Mystic Michaela tells Elite Daily. Megan has made no secret of her love of astrology, Myers-Briggs personality types, the Enneagram, and spirituality. During a 2016 interview on the Conan on TBS show, she said, “I do check on people, usually. I do their [birth] charts if I’m going to be working with them for long periods of time.”

Unsurprisingly, people with rainbow auras can feel like they don’t fit in with mainstream society. “They can feel like they exist outside of the bubble of what society deems ‘normal,’ and frequently get called out for having thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors that are not considered social norms,” Mystic Michaela says. Because of this, rainbows often try to fit in and adopt other aura colors to align with the mainstream. In past relationships, Megan would “look for guidance on how to fit in, but now she is ready to be supported in standing out,” claims Mystic Michaela.

How MGK’s And Megan Auras Impact Their Relationship

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So, what do these aura colors mean for Megan and MGK’s relationship? Like his friend Travis Barker, MGK can be “extremely demonstrative in relationships,” according to Mystic Michaela. “MGK is all about touch, public affection, and sharing intimate details of their lives,” she claims. “His demonstrative green-purple displays this with their coordinating looks and ‘shock value’ mic-drop details they share.”

For example, remember when MGK channeled his love for Megan into the song “Twin Flame” and performed it at the Billboard Music Awards? This public act of letting others into their love story makes sense given his aura colors, which directly relate to intimacy. (And may we not forget about the couple’s very public and ongoing displays of affection).

According to Mystic Michaela, rainbow auras like Megan’s often receive “spiritual downloads” — aka big life shifts that cause someone to take action and change their circumstances. Spiritual downloads can propel people to pursue “new people, places, and contexts in which to explain their new perspectives,” says Mystic Michaela. This might point to Megan’s divorce from Brian and pursuit of an intense, whirlwind romance with MGK — someone who seems to be more on her spiritual wavelength.

After reading their auras, Mystic Michaela adds that Megan and MGK’s relationship symbolizes a spiritual shift for Megan and perhaps her quest for a deep romantic connection. “I feel this relationship is very reflective of Megan’s spiritual download within the past few years,” she says. “She needed a place she could expand and evolve, and a place she could authentically develop her new sense of self.”

Could Megan’s divorce from Brian and immediate connection with MGK be indicative of such an event? Maybe. If there’s anything MGK can seemingly help Megan with, it’s embracing her uniqueness and being comfortable standing out. It seems that MGK's creative green-purple aura meshes well with Megan’s quirky, spiritually-aligned self, and her other-worldly rainbow aura seems healing for him. She represents a muse he has never had before.

“MGK feels very attached to her energy,” claims Mystic Michaela. “He feels very concerned with her being in a couple with him. I can see MGK feeling this about her, as intuitive as he is, and hoping that he will be able to keep up and follow.”

As eccentric as MGK and Megan might seem to the public, it seems these two have genuinely found a safe, healing space in each other where they can truly be themselves.

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