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An Aura Reader Analyzed Photos Of Kravis And Said They're Madly in Love

Opposites really do attract.

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Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker as a couple make as much sense to me as hot sauce and ice cream. Individually, totally fine, but together they don’t seem to fit. Or... do they? To get to the bottom of this, I asked Mystic Michaela, celeb psychic and aura reader, to analyze photos of Kravis and give me her take on how these two mesh together.

Mystic Michaela can see auras with her naked eye. Yes, like literally physically see them. I see a hot guy with a six-pack. She sees a guy with a six-pack surrounded by a green aura. Auras can be bright or dull, cracked, cloudy, sparkly, or any number of other adjectives depending on someone’s mood, personality, upbringing, or trauma.

There are 10 aura colors altogether, according to Mystic Michaela: red, yellow, green, blue, purple, indigo, pink, turquoise, rainbow, and crystal. Other aura readers may or may not see the same shades. Every color has its own quirks and characteristics (something Mystic Michaela observed after many years doing psychic readings) and each person has two (or sometimes three) colors that combine to create a unique pattern, with one shade generally taking the lead.

Every aura is different. So even though I’m a purple-blue like Kourtney (and I do love a green-purple like Travis), our auras — while sharing similar characteristics — ultimately look different to Mystic Michaela. You know how you can uncover a lot of your subconscious behaviors through therapy? Auras allow Mystic Michaela to see all of that stuff you keep hidden right in the open.

Now for the good part. How do Kravis’ auras affect their relationship? Let’s get into it.

Kourtney Kardashian: Purple and Blue

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In a happy, secure relationship, purple-blues are open to being vulnerable with their own feelings and bonding on a deep level with their partner. “The blue likes to connect to the person they love,” says Mystic Michaela. Once they feel emotionally connected, “the purple can feel safe enough to try new things, have adventures together, and talk about things which they would like to do next.”

However, if a purple-blue doesn’t feel safe, they can put up an emotional wall. “Kourtney can use her purple a lot as a shield. She can remove herself from the world around her while still seeing it and connecting to it. It’s an ability to know what’s happening but not internalize it,” explains Mystic Michaela. She compares it to watching a movie. “You’re invested in it but well aware that it’s not happening to you.” This self-protective mechanism might have helped Kardashian navigate the ups and downs of dating her ex, Scott Disick.

With Barker, “Kourtney feels safe enough to be her vulnerable blue and purple aura self,” says Mystic Michaela. “She’s allowing more blue back in her aura. Blue means she’s able to connect emotionally with what is going on around her in a more immersive way,” Mystic Michaela explains. “She had to feel secure in order to do that and she finally does.”

Travis Barker: Green and Purple

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“As a green, he’s a really talented and intelligent musician,” says Mystic Michaela. “The green is his ability to produce, and pick up music quickly. Greens often have an ability to see the bigger picture, to see beyond today into what it could be potentially tomorrow.” His purple brings creativity, spontaneity, and rebelliousness — for example, his love of tattoos and passion for punk rock — to the logical and analytical green.

However, Mystic Michaela claims, “Travis was wearing inauthentic blue for a long time. I will see people wearing inauthentic colors when they [feel overwhelmed and stuck.]” According to Mystic Michaela, that blue might be linked to Barker’s experience with a fatal plane crash in 2008. Four people died; he survived with third-degree burns. In 2021, he opened up about the experience to Men’s Health, explaining that he experienced post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) as a result and felt survivor’s guilt. “I couldn’t walk down the street If I saw a plane [in the sky], I was determined it was going to crash, and I just didn’t want to see it,” he said.

“I get that he carried around a lot of heaviness, fear, and guilt,” Mystic Michaela claims. “I get that he had a lot to process emotionally.” She believes the incident challenged his true nature as a green-purple. “Greens need to feel like they are doing something all the time. They enjoy new and challenging projects in which they can test themselves and see what they are made of,” she explains. After the tragedy, Barker may have had a harder time pursuing those exciting adventures.

In addition, Mystic Michaela says, “Green-purples are just very physical people. They love to touch and they have fun with it.” Anyone who’s watched this love story unfold has seen that Kardashian and Barker love to make out. While there’s been much tsk-tsk commentary on the internet about their physical affection, “Green-purples don’t care who is watching or what people think,” says Mystic Michaela. “It’s their way of showing love and making their partner feel safe.”

How Kardashian And Barker’s Auras Impact Their Relationship:

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“They have a friendship vibration. In a relationship, that’s a good thing,” Mystic Michaela says. “It feels like a soulmate connection. They are safe with one another. They feel mutually respectful of each other on many different levels.” This totally makes sense: Barker and Kardashian have been friends and neighbors for years, with Barker even appearing on a few episodes of KUWTK and her sister’s show Kocktails with Khloé years before their relationship turned romantic.

“[She makes] Travis feel safe enough in life to drop the inauthentic blue,” says Mystic Michaela. To her point, in August 2021, Kravis took a flight to Mexico, Barker’s first plane ride since his ill-fated accident 13 years ago and the duo has flown together a few times since. It seems like Barker may have conquered his fear of flying thanks to Kardashian’s love and support.

Additionally, “I get she helps him to be the dad and partner he wants to be,” says Mystic Michaela. “And I get that she encourages him to be creative in different ways, thus making his green and purple aura glow a lot healthier.” Since dating Kardashian, Barker has performed with H.E.R and Lenny Kravitz at the Grammys, Machine Gun Kelly at the MTV Video Music Awards, and with Young Thug on Saturday Night Live. He’s also recorded with numerous other artists including Avril Lavigne, Bebe Rexha, blackbear, and Willow Smith. Kardashian truly seems like his muse. Barker told Vanity Fair, “My kids are healthy. I love my career. I found the love of my life. [Kardashian has] cured me. It feels like I’m living again.”

Barker appreciates Kardashian’s strenghts, too. Mystic Michaela guesses that he’s “looking for someone who is nurturing and family-oriented. While Kourtney is very much in the spotlight, I feel like her main goal is to be a good mom first.” As Barker told Drew Barrymore on her eponymous show in 2021, “Now I’m spending time with a woman who’s a great mom, who’s a great friend… It just comes natural.”

Although they might appear to be opposites, their goals and values seem to fit together like two perfect puzzle pieces. “Travis is a smart guy. When greens are balanced, they like to plan for the future for themselves and the ones they love. They can do this by making smart choices with money and career,” Mystic Michaela explains. “I feel like this really appeals to Kourtney.” The two also enjoy living a plant-based lifestyle. Barker has been vegan since his plane crash (and vegetarian before) and Kardashian’s Poosh blog announced that the star is 95% plant-based.

In each other, it seems Kardashian and Barker seem to have finally found the safety and security their hearts have been longing for. And turns out, it was right under their nose the whole time.

Wondering what your aura might be? Visit Mystic Michaela’s highlights on Instagram for more info on each color and how you can determine yours.


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