Here's What Each Aura Color Means & What It Reveals About How You're Feeling

Everyone has a specific energy that follows them wherever they go. It acts as a barrier protecting the purity of their space from the rest of the world. It also infuses their surroundings, affecting whoever they come in contact with. If you've ever complimented someone by saying that they "light up a room," it's probably because their energy felt lovely to be around. On the flip side, if you've ever noticed a distinct drop in the overall mood once someone negative arrives, their energy might have a draining effect. Many people call this energy your "aura," and the nature of your aura reveals itself through a cloud of colors hovering around you. Each color originates from one of the seven chakras contained within your spirit. What your aura color means says a lot about the energy you are carrying with you.

While these colors aren't easily seen by the naked eye, you can actually train yourself to see them by practicing a series of exercises. However, the more common way to understand your aura is by taking a photograph of it with a sensor that exposes the colors. Auric photography projects such as Radiant Human and Magic Jewelry allow people to capture the nature of their aura and see it for themselves. While your aura always produces a gorgeous photo in its own right, the most important part of the process is deciphering what your aura colors say about you.


This color originates from the root chakra. A powerful and vibrant red is an indicator of action, directness, self-sufficiency, competitiveness, sexuality, and passion. A pink aura means that you're affectionate, romantic, and possibly even in love. If a muddied red is present, it signifies a deep-seated anger or stress.


This color originates from the sacral chakra. The presence of a strong orange indicates artistry, creativity, emotional expression, energy, adventure, and an abundant life. Too much orange can also mean addiction or an overwhelming desire. A muddied orange signifies vanity, conceitedness, or a fragile ego.


This color originates from the solar plexus chakra. The presence of a bright and vibrant yellow indicates optimism, playfulness, positivity, inspiration, awakening, and just an overall healthy attitude toward life. A muddied or dull yellow signifies feeling overwhelmed by ones thoughts, obsession over tiny details, or being overly critical.


This color originates from the heart chakra. The presence of a potent green indicates the power of a healer, teacher, or a charitable person who thinks of the common good before oneself. A turquoise color signifies the ultimate healer, someone who's main focus in life is to heal. A muddied green reveals jealousy and resentment.


This color originates from the throat chakra. The presence of a vibrant blue reflects someone who is cool-headed, rational towards their emotions, honest, spiritual, intuitive, and at peace. A muddied blue indicates disappointment in oneself, a fear of the truth, and anxiety over the future.


This color originates from the third eye. The presence of a powerful indigo indicates someone who is highly intuitive, someone who can see things that others overlook. They are wise, sensitive to the softest emotional vibrations, and they're highly empathetic.


This color originates from the crown chakra. People who have a vibrant violet present in their aura are ridiculously imaginative and intuitive. They also have psychic tendencies. They're highly attuned to spiritual vibrations and they have a magical outlook on life. They can sense the truth quite easily. They can be quite lonely and isolated, however.

Silver Or Gold

The presence of silver indicates an abundance of wealth, power, and energy. They may be coming in to a lot of money or awakening to a new and uplifting perspective towards life.

A gold aura means that an intense spiritual development is taking place and they may be protected by angels. It entails a deep wisdom, inspiration, and trust in the future.

Black, Brown, Or Gray

The presence of dark colors such as black, gray, or brown indicates someone who has their defenses up, someone who is insecure or afraid of the outside world. They may be holding onto a deep-seated resentment or a grudge and are unwilling to forgive. This can also indicate disease or pain within the body.


The presence of a rainbow aura, a combination of all the colors in the spectrum, indicates a highly evolved person; someone who has tapped into every power in their spiritual arsenal. It typically appears as a starburst or possibly even a series of speckled colors. Rainbow auras often indicate contact with the fifth dimension.


A white aura indicates the highest form of spiritual development there is. It means someone has transcended the boundaries of the physical realm. It also signifies a purity in their energy, that they haven't been tainted by the constructs of the material world. A white spot or speck can also indicate that an angel or spirit is hovering close.