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Kanye West may have dated Irina Shayk before dating Kim Kardashian.

Kanye May Have Dated Irina Shayk Before Getting Together With Kim

The two reportedly had a fling back in 2010.

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Kanye West and Irina Shayk have been making headlines ever their rumored trip to France, but reportedly, this isn’t the first time these two have been romantically linked. On June 10, a source for Page Six claimed Kanye West dated Irina Shayk before Kim Kardashian, which is a twist I never saw coming. “Kanye was with Irina briefly before Kim,” the insider claimed. “He had pursued her a long time ago.” Oh, really? (Elite Daily previously reached out to reps for West and Shayk for comment on their reported relationship but didn’t hear back.)

West and Shayk’s professional relationship dates back to 2010, when she made an appearance in his music video for “Power.” That same year, West gave her a shout-out in his song “Christian Dior Denim Flow,” but if the two did date, the relationship was likely brief, as Shayk started dating soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo later that year. Then, two years later, West started dating Kardashian.

Their supposed fling a decade earlier may have been legit, but a second source for Page Six claimed West and Shayk’s current rumored relationship is reportedly a publicity stunt. According to the insider, West is all about “keeping up his image,” and being connected with West is “excellent for [Shayk’s] career.” The source added, “A partnership with Kanye would be very interesting for her on a creative level.” How... romantic?

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It’s unclear whether these two are actually dating (or whether they ever dated), but it does seem like Shayk respects West as a creator. During a March 2012 interview with PopSugar, the model talked about her experience walking the runway at the Kanye West ready-to-wear fall/winter show. “I consider Kanye West to be one of those rare people that bring new ideas into the world,” she gushed. “He brought art into music, and now he is releasing his passion for fashion and I think that it's absolutely amazing! It does not happen to many musicians. He has a good eye for fashion and he is not scared to try new things.”

And whether West and Shayk’s relationship is legit or not, it seems like their exes support it. In summer 2019, Shayk split from Bradley Cooper, and according to Us Weekly, the actor reportedly doesn’t mind seeing his ex with West. “Bradley would be fully supportive of whoever Irina chooses to date — he just wants her to be happy,” an insider claimed on June 10. “Bradley and Irina are not just on good terms as co-parents, they’re also close as friends and share personal things with each other.”

Likewise, though Kardashian filed for divorce from West in February 2021, she reportedly supports his maybe-romance with Shayk as well. On June 10, a source for People claimed Kardashian has known about the relationship “for weeks” and “it doesn’t bother Kim that Kanye is dating” the model. “Her only concern is their kids,” the insider claimed. “She wants Kanye to be present and spend as much time with them as possible.”

Whatever is going on between West and Shayk, it seems like everyone is cool with it, and that’s all that matters to me.