15 Super Hot Grey’s Anatomy Sex Scenes That’ll Make You Sweat

You’ll need a glass of water.

by Christy Piña and Rachel Chapman
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While there’s tons of drama to keep you coming back, Grey's Anatomy is a show you love because of the characters. Whether you started watching it when it first aired in 2005, or you’ve caught up recently with a mega marathon-watch, by now you’re probably totally invested in every relationship at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. You’re heartbroken whenever couples break up, and it rips your heart open when someone dies. Understandably, you probably much prefer when someone finally finds their “person,” and it all leads to some of the best Grey's Anatomy sex scenes.

The characters on Grey’s are so enticing, likable, and good-looking, their stories are addicting. You probably return each season to see if the couples you're shipping are going to make it and who's hooking up with whom. While some of your favorite moments from the series may be the sweet interactions between friends like Meredith and Cristina or the intense dramatic situations, you cannot deny that you and your besties who watch the show often reference the hottest Grey’s Anatomy sex scenes in your group chat. You probably don’t even need to be reminded of these 15 Grey’s Anatomy scenes that put the “steamy” in McSteamy. But if you need a little refresher, here are some of the hottest ones. (You’re welcome.)

Izzie & Alex

In an almost shocking turn of events, Alex and Izzie revealed they were actually #endgame in Season 16. As sad as fans were to see Justin Chambers leave Grey’s Anatomy, it definitely seemed like the best thing for his character. When Alex was with Izzie, she brought out the best in him. In fact, our dear Dr. Alex Karev wouldn't be the character everyone has grown to love if it weren't for Izzie — which only makes this sex scene from Season 2, Episode 17 between the two of them even more wow.

Meredith & Derek (McDreamy)

No matter what ship you’re rooting for, there’s no denying that Meredith Grey and Derek “McDreamy” Shepherd were the most iconic couple on the series. From their risky time together when she was an intern and he was an attending, to their eventual marriage, MerDer went through a lot of ups and downs. But one thing's for sure: Throughout their rollercoaster romance, these two had some steamy moments together, like having sex in a medical exam room from Season 2, Episode 27. You know, casual.

Meredith & Derek (Again, You’re Welcome)

Even when they weren't together, Meredith and Derek were always drawn to each other, and everyone knew it. They may have broken up in this scene in Season 4, Episode 1, but it wasn't the end for them, and there probably wouldn't have been an end for them if Derek hadn't died in Season 11. The way I see it, no other Grey's couple could ever compare to these two. Their love and their chemistry never faded.

Callie & Mark (McSteamy)

It’s been ages since Mark and Callie were on the show together, but their sexual chemistry was hot. These two were the best of friends and occasionally hooked up when they needed to get over people they were actually romantically interested in. In Season 4, Episode 16, Callie's trying to get over her feelings for another doctor by having a sex marathon with Mark (aka McSteamy). His dirty talk and the fact that he gives her seemingly incredible oral sex make this scene extra ~hot~.

Lexie & Mark

Unlike his occasional, strictly physical sex sprees with Callie, when it came to Lexie, Mark was a ball of emotions. Though they were on and off throughout the show, their feelings for each other were always there, but the timing just didn't seem to work. But that didn't stop them from having some pretty legendary sex scenes, like this one from Season 5, Episode 10. You may have even found yourself screaming at the TV, “Teach her, Mark!”

Callie & Arizona

This scene was definitely (and unfairly) of the blink-and-you-miss-it variety, but who could forget when Lexie walked in on Callie and Arizona getting it on in the shower in Season 6, Episode 11? If that's not smoking hot, IDK what is.

Cristina & Owen

Owen and Cristina had their fair share of struggles throughout the time they were together, like the PTSD episode Owen had right before this scene in Season 5, Episode 19. Unlike some of the other jump-your-bones scenes in Grey's, this particular one was slow, passionate lovemaking that was simultaneously beautiful and sexy.

April & Jackson

Another one of the most beloved couples on the show was April and Jackson. These two entered the show together in Season 6, in the same intern class, and quickly became friends. The night before their medical boards exam, they had sex (and it was April’s first time). Who knew this Season 8, Episode 21 scene would be the beginning of a tumultuously sweet relationship?

Nico & Schmitt

In Season 15, Grey's finally showed a sex scene between two men, and boy, it did not disappoint. Schmitt first gives Nico an epic pre-sex speech about knowing he was into guys but never having actually been with one, which eventually leads to this sex scene from Episode 19. The two end up having sex in an ambulance during a pretty severe windstorm, which just adds to the intensity.

Izzie & Denny

Before ending up with Alex, Izzie had another true love — Denny Duquette. The two seemed like they were made for each other until he died at the end of Season 2, but that wouldn’t be the last time they got together. In Season 5, Izzie’s tumor allows her to not only see a ghost Denny, but have sex with him as well. This led to a real steamy night of sex in Episode 9 that everyone in the house could hear.

Izzie & Alex (With Denny Watching)

When Izzie tells Alex that she can see Denny in Season 5, Episode 11, he tries to take her mind off of him by going down on her. While the scene is a little funny watching Denny get upset, it’s hot seeing Alex working hard to get Izzie’s mind off her ex. It’s the ultimate birthday present.

Cristina & Burke

A cute gesture can go a long way in a relationship. In fact, it was a simple coffee that brought Cristina and Burke together in Season 1 of Grey’s Anatomy. To thank him for the pick-me-up in Episode 5, Cristina joined Burke in the on-call room for a romp as hot as a cup of coffee.

Amelia & Link

If you’ve seen the Season 17 finale, you know Amelia and Link didn’t necessarily get the happy ending Link planned for. Up until that point, though, these two seemed really into each other. They even celebrated Link’s re-birthday with some steamy solo sex in this scene from Episode 2.

Addison & Alex

While there are plenty of sex scenes in Grey’s Anatomy between two partners who love each other, it can also be exciting to see passionate sex between two people fighting. In Season 3, Episode 21, Addison, frustrated at Alex, confronts him about getting too close with one of his patients. This leads to a heated discussion that ends up taking them into the on-call room to really get into it.

Meredith & Derek (One Last Time)

Anyone need a shower? Well, Meredith and Derek definitely did in this scene from Season 11, Episode 6. It just wouldn’t be a Grey’s Anatomy roundup without mentioning this iconic scene that’s both adorable and sexy AF at the same time.

While Grey's Anatomy certainly devastates viewers with every shooting, bomb, and plane crash (seriously, every tragedy you could ever imagine has been on Grey's Anatomy), the sex scenes are a reminder that love can bloom in even the most unexpected places.

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