14 Lies You Tell Yourself Every Time You Get Your Heart Broken

by Candice Jalili

Maybe he was your long-time boyfriend who you thought you could trust with anything. Maybe he was your on-again/off-again boyfriend who's screwed you over a million times before.

Maybe you guys weren't even in a real, bonafide relationship.

Whatever the case, the point is that you're hurting right now. Your heart is broken. And he's the culprit.

So you go ahead, make yourself feel better by telling yourself that you're done and he'll eventually regret this.

The only problem is they're all lies.

Read along for the most common lies we tell ourselves when we're getting over a breakup.

1. "I'm so done with him."

No, you're not.

And that's OK! You loved him. That doesn't just go away.

2. "I will never contact him again."

Talk to me again next Friday night when you're drunk at two in the morning and your song comes on at the bar.

3. "I didn't even like him in the beginning."

Yeah, but you eventually did, and here we are now.

4. "It was something I did."

No, it really wasn't.

He did something to break your heart. That's the bottomline and all that matters.

5. "I'm going to give myself one day to be sad, and then it's time to move on."

It'll take more than one day and that's OK.

6. "I saw this coming."

No, you didn't. If you did, you wouldn't have let it happen.

7. "I was going to break up with him anyway."

No, you weren't. But you're still not an idiot for sticking around.

8. "He'll come back to me eventually."

He might not.

And you're honestly better off that way.

9. "I wasn't happy."

Yes, you were.

Maybe not the whole time, but there were some happy moments that made the miserable ones worth it to you.

10. "He'll regret it."

He might. Or he might not.

Either way, that should be irrelevant to you.

11. "He just made the biggest mistake of his life."

No, you just dodged the biggest bullet of your life.

12. "I won't compare any future boyfriends to him."

You probably will. And in your fantastical version of him, you'll forget all about this moment and only remember the good times.

13. "He can't handle me."

Sure, but you clearly couldn't handle him either.

14. "He won't find someone who gets him like I did."

Maybe "getting him" just wasn't enough for this guy.

Time for you to meet someone who gets YOU.

I know that was a little harsh, and I'm sorry if I hurt your feelings. But it's time for you to accept the facts, embrace the breakup process for the long, messy ordeal that it is, and focus on moving forward.

You're awesome, and you don't need a man to remind you of it. And you certainly don't need a man to make you forget it.