First date advice that is based on your zodiac sign can help you build a stronger connection on date...

Here's The First Date Advice You Need, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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No matter where you land on the astrological chart, first dates can be tricky. They’re pretty much universally seen as the awkward (but necessary) first step in entering a new relationship. That said, there’s no shortage of first date advice — from restaurant tips to mindset adjustments. And they’re all useful in their own way.

But, sometimes, it’s your zodiac sign that is causing your first date nerves. (Yes, really.) Whether you’re a fire, air, or earth sign, your astrological chart can play a pivotal role in your romantic life, impacting how you treat first dates and potential relationships in general.

At the end of the day, you are the only one who can determine how you act on a first date, but astrology can foreshadow potential challenges and help you prepare for them. That said, here’s the first date advice you need to hear, based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Take Things Slow.

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Aries are known for being bold in going after what they want. They’re eager to achieve their goals, and they have no interest in slowing down for anyone. That said, in relationships, this can sometimes work against the ram. It’s almost too easy for them to get caught up in the moment and forget to take their time.

In other words, whirlwind romances aren’t exactly unusual for this fire sign — but they usually don’t end well. “Diving head-first into romance or falling in love at first sight often leads Aries toward a crash-and-burn situation,” Nina Kahn, astrologer, wrote for Bustle.

Aries are generally stubborn, so they don’t love to hear dating advice, but here it is anyway: Slow down. Don’t go into your first date already convinced this person is the next love of your life. Instead, try to go in without too many assumptions or expectations.

You don’t want to fall for the idea of someone; you want to fall for who they really are. So, take a deep breath and remind yourself that you should actually get to know your potential partner before going all in. It’ll save you pain and suffering in the long run.

Taurus: Don’t Take Yourself Too Seriously.

Taurus is one of the more sensitive astrological signs, and that has the potential to make first dates hard. “[Taureans] might not appear sensitive to the naked eye because [they are] seemingly closed off and protective, but [they] are very sensitive beings,” Zara Barrie, fellow Taurus, previously wrote for Elite Daily.

Remember, flirtatious teasing is not the same as someone insulting you, so there’s no reason to take it that way. Rather than hyper-focusing on any potentially offensive comments, keep an open mind throughout your date and don’t jump to any conclusions about their character.

Chances are, your date means no harm; they’re just dealing with the same first date jitters you are! You’ll figure out their intentions sooner or later — just don’t let your pride get in the way of you forming a legit connection.

Gemini: Stick To Your Plans.

Geminis tend to resist any solid plans, which can make planning for a first date and actually showing up for that date difficult. For any sign, flaking on a first date is tempting (especially if it’s a blind set-up or a dating app match), but Geminis take that to the next level. Kyle Thomas, pop culture astrologer, explained to Elite Daily, “... Geminis need flexibility; you can’t box a Gemini in or they’ll run away.”

Flexibility and learning to go with the flow isn’t a bad personality trait, but it can make first dates slightly tricky. Since Geminis have concerns about being tied down, their fear of commitment can come out as early as on date one.

If you’re a Gemini and heading on a first date, try to stay out of your head as much as possible. Remember: Getting a text to confirm the time and place is not a dealbreaker or an attempt to tie you down. It’s just first date etiquette.

Cancer: Remember You Only Just Met.

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Cancers tend to be very sensitive, and they don’t attempt to hide their feelings, either. They’re known for getting emotional fast, and that sometimes involves tears. It truly does come from a good place though! “Cancer is incredibly empathic to its surroundings,” astrologer Valerie Mesa wrote for Elite Daily.

First dates can be a rollercoaster of emotions: awkwardness, romance, sadness, and excitement. That said, it can be easy for Cancers to get caught up in the emotions of a first date — whether good or bad — and forget that they’ve only just met the person sitting across from them. So before getting swept away by those feelings, it’s important for Cancers take a minute to remember that it’s only the first time you are meeting.

Leo: Listen To Your Date.

Leos are natural leaders. It’s a trait that can serve them well in many aspects of life, including romance, but might not make for great first dates. For Leos, it can be almost too easy to forget to listen to their date and equally tempting to take over the conversation.

It doesn’t come from a malicious place. “Leo loves anything connected to beauty and romance,” Boston-based expert astrologer Michaela Carey previously explained to Elite Daily. “They light up a room and will always find the spotlight.” That can be an attractive quality, just remember that dating is a process of give and take — so, try to listen to what your date has to say instead of just planning what you’ll say next.

Virgo: Don’t Get Too Critical.

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Virgos are known for being observant and having high expectations, which can sometimes inspire a few critical comments. Again, it doesn’t come from a bad place. Virgos love to improve things, and this is a step in that process. That said, a first date is not always (see: never) the best time to flex that hypercritical muscle.

Although you might notice that the light in the corner keeps flickering or that the air conditioning is on too high, it’s probably best to keep that information to yourself. First impressions matter, and coming across as overly picky is not the way to go.

Plus, it could get in the way of your date seeing all of your amazing Virgo traits. “As an earth sign, Virgos are immensely practical and love to be of service to their partners,” Clarisse Monahan, astrologer, explained to Bustle. Keep your criticisms to yourself to give your date a chance to get to know the other sides of you.

Libra: Avoid People-Pleasing.

Libras are known for their people-pleasing tendencies. “A Libra is perceptive. They naturally know how to read people and are very good at pleasing [someone else’s] needs,” Thomas previously told Elite Daily. This people-pleasing can make Libras attractive to their date — who doesn’t want someone is always trying to make them happy? — but that’s not exactly the standard you want to set date one.

“[Libras] will often give of themselves rather than take in order to create more balance in partnerships,” Thomas added. Achieving a balanced partnership is a good thing, as long as you don’t forget your own needs in the process.

In other words, if your crush suggests eating at a burger joint and you’re vegetarian, don’t suck it up just for the good of your date. People-pleasing might seem like the easier route, but it could hurt your relationship in the long run.

Scorpio: Embrace The Small Talk.

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Scorpio is a passionate sign that thrives in times of deep romance and emotions. On the other hand, first dates tend to be more awkward than emotional, which can set Scorpios on edge. It can be tempting for this sign to want to skip ahead and get right to the deeper conversations. But doing so can be confusing, making you believe you have a stronger connection than what’s actually there.

“In relationships, Scorpios seek emotional depth and intimacy over everything,” Chelsea Jackson, Houston-based astrologer and cosmic writer, previously told Elite Daily.They may come off as a little intense, but it's only because they have so much love to give.”

Intensity is fine, just remember to stop and smell the first date roses — small talk included.

Sagittarius: Good Conversation Is As Important As Fun Adventures.

The Sagittarius, or the archer, is known for having a free spirit and loving adventures. “Sagittarius energy is here to help us explore the universe, with one wild and limit-surpassing worldview after another,” Sagittarius astrologer Nura Rachelle explained to Bustle. “With its truly free spirit on your side, be prepared to expand your horizons in every way. Nothing is impossible for a Sagittarius, and there is no settling for a ‘no’ or a ‘stop trying.’”

TBH, an adventurous first date alongside a Sagittarius sounds fun — and like a nice change from the typical coffee or drinks — but it’s important not to get too swept up in the adventure and forget the goal of the date: to figure out if this is someone you could see yourself with.

No matter what you’re doing on your date, make sure the conversation comes back to the two of you — your likes, dislikes, and interests. That way, you can tell whether the person you’re seeing really is a good match or not.

Capricorn: Let Yourself Open Up.

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Capricorns are not the most emotionally vulnerable sign, which can make first dates difficult. “Capricorn wears a hard shell to protect themselves from the world, which is why they often get erroneously pegged as boring and cold,” astrologer Jasmine Wolfe explained to Bustle. “However, when you get past the walls of a Capricorn, you get to see just how tender and goofy they are.”

It’s unrealistic to expect all those walls to come down on date one, but, as a Capricorn, it’s a good idea to give your date a glimpse of your more sensitive side. Throughout your conversation, it’s important to ask thoughtful questions and give genuine answers.

By letting your date actually get to know you, you’ll be able to find that commitment and security most Capricorns are searching for.

Aquarius: Go With The Flow.

Aquarians are practical and independent thinkers, and they like to look at things logically. But that can make romantic relationships, especially those early phases when you are just getting to know one another, difficult. “[A]lways thinking of love in a scientific way can take some of the magic out of romance,” Kahn wrote for Bustle. “Aquarius will have more fun in relationships if they practice going with the flow of their feelings instead of always trying to make logical sense of them,” she continued.

Yes, logical considerations matter in relationships. But you don’t need to dive right in on the first dates. Questions like “where do you see yourself living long-term?” and “do you want kids someday?” can wait until at least date three.

Instead, allow yourself to enjoy your first date without jumping ahead too far. Consider the person’s vibes — do they make you laugh? are they nice to the waitstaff? — before getting bogged down in the logistics.

Pisces: Take Off The Rose-Colored Glasses.

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Pisces are dreamers. They have a romantic view of the world in general, and it extends into their relationships. “[T]heir desire to live in a fantasy can sometimes lead to them being unrealistic about love,” Kahn explained to Bustle. In other words, they might not pick up on standard first date red flags.

Kahn continued, “Pisces should make sure they’re not ignoring the obvious signs, even if it’s painful to face. Being more realistic can help prevent deeper heartbreak in the long run.” In the beginning of a relationship, try to keep your expectations in check and see people for who they are — not who you want them to be.

Although there’s no way to guarantee a seamless first date, making sure that your star sign isn’t getting in the way of a potential connection is one way to start.


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