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Chase Stokes may have called Madelyn Cline "Mads" during an emotional scene.

Um, It Looks Like Chase Called Madelyn "Mads" In An Outer Banks Scene

This video is literal gold.

Kevin Winter/2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I’m about to watch Outer Banks Season 2 all over again, because I didn’t even notice this adorable slip-up that John B. might have made in the season’s third episode. After watching the show, an eagle-eyed fan is convinced Chase Stokes called Madelyn Cline "Mads" on Outer Banks instead of “Sarah” — her character’s name — during that dramatic scene where Sarah (kind of) dies. Stokes, who’s dating Cline in real life, often likes to call his girlfriend “Mads,” and he appeared to have whispered that nickname into her ear during the emotional scene. Oops!

In the episode, entitled “Prayers,” Sarah fights to survive after being accidentally shot by her brother. When her boyfriend, John B., sees what’s happened, he tries his best to administer CPR. But once he realizes that it’s not working, John B. begins to cry and seems to murmur the word “Mads” while laying on her chest.

The scene was quickly brought to attention on TikTok. One fan asked, “Did anyone else notice that Chase Stokes said ‘Mads’ during Sarah’s death scene?” Although there wasn’t any sound to verify what Stokes said, it seems pretty clear to me he said something other than “Sarah” when he was crying aloud. See for yourself.

Stokes and Cline first met while auditioning for Outer Banks in April 2019. Just over a year later, they became Instagram official, and now, they never fail to give each other shout-outs on Instagram. “It’s quite rare to meet somebody and feel everything change,” Stokes wrote in honor of Cline’s 23rd birthday in December 2020. “Thank you for making the coldest days warm, for your infectious love, and being the best dog mom to Lil mi. Happy birthday, sweet thang, you make my heart warm and fuzzy.” And it seems like the feeling is mutual, because in September 2020, Cline shared a picture of Stokes poking her face with his finger in front of a mirror and captioned it, “butterflies.” I can’t handle the cuteness!

Even though Cline’s quotes about working with Stokes make it clear they try to keep things professional on set, it’s obvious from what Stokes has said about his GF that he’s totally smitten. Whether he actually said “Mads” instead of “Sarah” in that emotional scene or not, I’m pretty convinced these two are soulmates.