Sarah Cameron had a rough time in 'Outer Banks' Season 2.

Let's Discuss That Super-Scary Moment With Sarah On Outer Banks Season 2

She really went through it this season.


Poor Sarah Cameron (Madelyn Cline) has truly seen it all. Her villainous dad Ward (Charles Esten) framed her boyfriend John B., (Chase Stokes) for murder, stole the treasure she and her friends spent a whole season finding, and somehow expected her to go along with the family business of treachery. Things got even more intense in Season 2, as Sarah’s life was threatened once again. But did Sarah actually die in Outer Banks Season 2? TBH, it’s complicated.

Warning: Major spoilers for Outer Banks Season 2 follow. Season 2 picked up right where Season 1 of the show left off, with Sarah and John B. headed to the Bahamas in hopes of recovering their stolen gold. Although the couple was initially able to stop Ward and Sarah’s brother Rafe (Drew Stakey) from getting away with the $400 million worth of treasure, things took a turn for the worse when Rafe accidentally shot Sarah in the side during an escape attempt.

Since John B. and Sarah were fugitives by this point, taking her to the hospital wasn’t an option. Instead, he went to his new “friend” Terrance’s (Terence Rosemore) favorite doctor, who isn’t actually a doctor at all (although he supposedly discovered the cure for arthritis). The guy charged John B. $4,000 to sew up Sarah’s wound in his kitchen, only for Sarah to go into cardiac arrest while in recovery.


Here’s where it gets dicey: Sarah technically did die in this scene, because her heart stopped. But, thankfully, not for long! Although the “doctor” insisted that Sarah had lost too much blood, John B. was able to bring her back to life by performing CPR and screaming that he loves her. Was it the most realistic solution in the world? Of course not. But who says a show about treasure hunting and teen fugitives needs to be realistic? As long as it got Sarah to wake up, that’s good enough for me.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t Sarah’s only brush with death in Season 2. There was the mid-season shocker when Rafe (who, once again, is her brother) attempted to drown her. Even worse was during the finale, when her family drugged and kidnapped her and set sail for Guadalupe, carrying a precious stolen relic known as the Cross of Santo Domingo. After realizing his daughter would never be on his side and might even turn the Kooks over to the authorities, Ward attempted to strangle his daughter in a particularly chilling moment. She was able to escape with John B. and their friends, leaving Ward more determined than ever to bring the Pogues down. Can someone please give this girl a vacation or something?

Outer Banks Season 2 is now streaming on Netflix.