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Chase Stokes Revealed Why He And Madelyn Cline Work So Well Together

"I’m very thankful for her and the journey we’re on."

Kevin Winter/2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

The only thing more exciting than knowing Season 2 of Outer Banks is finally here is hearing Chase Stokes’ quote about working with Madelyn Cline, his girlfriend both on and off screen. During a July 28 interview with V Man, Stokes gushed about how much he loves sharing the small screen with Cline, and the reason why their relationship works so well makes so much sense. “We have a very healthy relationship because it started with the work first,” Stokes said. “We didn’t really have time to even comprehend the question: ‘Is there something here?’ That was all after the fact.”

Even though they kicked off filming for the second season as a couple, it seems like working together only made their bond stronger. “For Season 2, as soon as we get to work, we’ll support each other,” Stokes continued. “We’ll be scene partners and take care of each other when it’s an emotional moment. But it doesn’t mean that if I don’t believe you, that I’m not going to call you out and she holds me to the same standard.”

He also said they make a point not to bring work home with them. “As soon as we get back to our trailers and we’re taking off our makeup and character clothes, it’s like that world disappears,” he said. “I’m very thankful for her and the journey we’re on. It’s been awesome.”

Stokes and Cline first met while auditioning for their Outer Banks characters, John B. and Sarah Cameron, and they played their roles so well that fans started shipping the actors in real life. However, Stokes didn’t confirm he was dating his on-screen love interest until he shared a photo of himself and Cline on a date in June 2020. “Cats outta the bag ❤️,” he captioned the post. Since going public over a year ago, the couple has documented tons of cute moments together on Instagram. Whether it be a fun day they both had in New York or an incredible day on the road, they always make time to share their adventures with fans.

The Outer Banks stars definitely know how to make a relationship work (I mean, did you see their kiss at the 2021 MTV Movie & TV Awards?), but things haven’t always been smoothing sailing. The couple’s relationship was put to the test when they started quarantining together during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, as their relationship was still new and it was an experience they were totally unprepared to handle. “It was like an immediate test,” Stokes told Us Weekly during a July 2020 interview. “It’s like, ‘Hey, you’re dating. Guess what? Figure it out. You’re stuck.’”

Luckily, they came out on top. “We’ve got really great communication, and the cool part is we’ve started a friendship first, which is awesome to be friends before you dive into a relationship," Stokes explained.

If these two can overcome a pandemic (as well as the ongoing battle between the Kooks and the Pogues), then I’m pretty sure they can handle anything.