Here's How Quarantine Tested Chase Stokes' Relationship With Madelyn Cline

by Candice Jalili

The pandemic can be a lot on a new couple, and even Outer Banks stars Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline's relationship was put through the wringer in quarantine. “It was like an immediate test,” Stokes told Us Weekly during a July 15 interview. “It’s like, ‘Hey, you’re dating. Guess what? Figure it out. You’re stuck.’”

Luckily, their relationship seems to have passed the test, with large thanks to the friendship they formed as co-stars before becoming romantic with one another. “We’ve got really great communication, and the cool part is we’ve started a friendship first, which is awesome to be friends before you dive into a relationship," Stokes explained.

Fans started shipping the actors back in April, but Stokes and Cline held off on confirming that they were, in fact, an IRL item until June 14 when Stokes posted a series of photos of them on what appeared to be an incredibly cute and romantic sunset picnic on the beach. "Cats outta the bag," Stokes captioned the post alongside a red heart emoji. Three days later, on June 18, Cline followed suit, posting a professionally taken photo of herself getting a piggy back ride from Stokes alongside the caption, "this one." ️

These two lovebirds!

While the two originally started off the pandemic by quarantining together alongside the rest of their Outer Banks costars in California, they've since gone back to their respective homes. “It came to an unfortunate end,” Stokes told Us Weekly of their group quarantine. “About three weeks ago, we all kind of went home and decided it was best to go kind of hang out with family and be around loved ones.”

Oh, and if you're a fan of Outer Banks, I have a gift for you. During his Us Weekly interview, Stokes also got into how he'd like to see his and Cline's on-screen relationship develop if Netflix green-lights Outer Banks for a second season. “I want them to take a chill pill for a minute, and they need to sit on some beach … like Blue Lagoon style,” he shared. “Find a couple margaritas and chill out because that journey getting there was chaos.”

I mean, I'm totally here for the scene of them chilling by the beach sipping margs. Get to it, writers!