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Madelyn Cline Opened Up About How She Works With BF Chase Stokes On Set

Boundaries are key.

by Candice Jalili
Kevin Winter/2021 MTV Movie and TV Awards/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Dating a coworker always comes with some challenges, even if you’re co-stars on one of the most popular shows Netflix has to offer. In an Aug. 18 interview with Elle, Madelyn Cline opened up about the boundary she and boyfriend Chase Stokes had to set before filming the latest season of Outer Banks. According to Cline, keeping their professional and personal lives separate is key to their success.

Season 2 marked the first time Cline and Stokes filmed as a couple. In order to make it work, Cline shared that they needed to set expectations for how they would work together on-set. "There's definitely got to be a healthy balance and a healthy boundary," Cline told Elle of working so closely with her boyfriend. "We've talked about this before: My work headspace is really important and sacred to me, and to him as well. We do our best to protect that. So whenever there's any sort of personal issue, especially between the two of us, we don't bring it to work. Because it's distracting.”

She continued, "Prior to stepping foot on set the first day, we said, 'Hey, let's talk about this and establish boundaries before we go back, because there are so many people that it can affect.’ And I hate that. I wouldn't want that at all."

It seems as though the boundary is working. "It's nice because you're both going through it at the same time," Cline told Elle of acting alongside Stokes. "We all are, as a cast, so it's wonderful to have that shared experience together, but it's especially nice just for [Chase and I] to have gone through this experience together. I feel like we've become incredibly close because of it.”

Similarly, Stokes told V Man back in July, “For Season 2, as soon as we get to work, we’ll support each other. I’m very thankful for her and the journey we’re on. It’s been awesome.”

According to Stokes, he and Cline met “a week and a half or two weeks” before filming for Outer Banks began back in May 2019. The two quickly became friends, and eventually became romantic after filming the first season wrapped. “We have a very healthy relationship because it started with the work first,” Stokes explained during a July 2021 interview with V Man. “We didn’t really have time to even comprehend the question: ‘Is there something here?’ That was all after the fact.”

Very cute.