Pranking your boyfriend over text is a great way to get him on April Fools' Day.
Here Are 7 Ways To Prank Your Partner Over Text On April Fools' Day

*Winston Bishop has entered the chat*

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Love it or hate it, April Fools’ Day exists. If your favorite people are like Winston in New Girl (a.k.a., total pranksters), they’ll probably pull elaborate pranks on this spring day that they’ve been planning for months. They may switch the sugar and salt in your kitchen, or hide rubber spiders around your room since they know you’re not a fan of bugs. To get in on the fun, you can pull off one of these April Fools’ pranks for your boyfriend over text that’ll get him good.

A successful prank typically requires some acting skills, and while you don’t need to go full Meryl Streep (she always understands the assignment), it’s hard for most of us to not smirk in the moment. Thinking about the other person’s potential reaction can make us break out in laughter or be awkward and unnatural around the person we love — which totally gives away the looming prank. That’s why these pranks for boyfriends over text are the ultimate hack for April Fools’ Day. Not only are they super convenient and cheap, but they also help manage your mischief.

Now, some of these April Fools’ Day pranks for your boyfriend over text are more suited for a fellow prank-lover. Others are made for the partner who might be weary about the day and all the (well-meaning) jokes to come. Before you tap “send,” make sure you think about your audience and the type of prank they’d appreciate. Ultimately, you want your significant other to think the prank is silly, clever, and something to smile about, and these text ideas will likely do the trick.

“I Dyed My Hair.”
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A simple and well-meaning prank you can pull on your SO via text is to tell them you dyed, or completely changed, your hair. You can pair your text with a selfie you edited with Photoshop, or took with one of Instagram’s extremely-altering filters. They might react with a supportive text like, “It looks so good,” before realizing it’s a prank, or even tell you how much they love your actual hair. (That's a low-key win.)

Alternatives to this prank? Tell your SO you shaved your hair, got a piercing, or got a tattoo.

“I Brought A Puppy Home.”

Have you been trying to convince your partner to get a dog? Do you live in a tiny apartment, where there’s really no room for a puppy? If so, this April Fools’ Day prank is for you. Simply text your SO a picture of a puppy and say something like, “Can we keep ‘em?” or, “Don’t hate me.” If you want to make it really believable, borrow a friend’s puppy for the picture (if they don’t already know the puppy, of course), instead of pulling a pic from Google or Pinterest.

Worst case scenario? Your dog-loving partner gets excited about this potential new family member, and you have to break the news that they’re not *actually* yours.

“I Got Fired.”

While joking about getting fired could be bad karma, you can certainly pull this prank on your partner if you feel comfortable in doing so on April Fools’ Day. You can see how they’d react to this life-altering news, whether it be with a sentimental text and follow-up chocolates or an understandable, “OMG!”

If you want to lighten the mood, pair this text prank with a GIF from Friends or another show your partner loves.

“Good Luck On That Call Today — You’re Going To Crush It!”

Making up an event that doesn't exist but seems important is a great way to freak your partner out. After reading this line, they’re bound to be on the edge of their seat, and running through their to-do list in their head. They may even text you back, “What call?”

That gives you — the prankster of the year — the perfect opportunity to keep the joke going, and see how long it can last.

“Did You Mean To Post That?”
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Take a note out of Kaitlyn Bristowe’s playbook on April Fools’ Day, and ask your partner if they meant to post a picture on their Instagram feed. The Bachelor Nation star and podcast host pranked her fiancé, Jason Tartrick, by texting him this... and getting 25 people to do the same.

The result was a lot of frantic FaceTime calls and good laughs on Kaitlyn’s end. It would be priceless to recreate with your SO.

“Getting On My Flight Now. Talk Soon!”

You wouldn’t want to see the world without your SO by your side. But, you can pretend you’re going on an already-planned trip on April Fools’ Day and see how they’ll react. If you love to jet-set together, then they may respond with something cute like, “Wait, take me with you!”

Or they may be totally confused by the picture you just sent of your suitcase, a plane window, and even a Photoshopped boarding pass that has your name and the date on it.

“I Think You’d Look Really Cute In This.”

Do you remember when everyone was pranking their SO’s on Instagram by sending a picture of a sleep dress and saying, “What color do you want?” Well, you can pull a similar prank on April Fools’ Day by sending your SO a link to an outfit you know they wouldn’t like with this text. Their reaction may be semi-boring or totally hilarious.

Either way, record it for a TikTok or YouTube video, and inspire other people to pull a well-meaning prank on their partner.

Even if your partner doesn’t fall for these April Fools’ Day jokes, you’re still likely going to share a laugh over your attempt. Good luck, and happy pranking!

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