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TikTokers share their Taylor Swift Eras Tour makeup idea for the concert, inspired by her albums.
Taylor Swift Eras Tour Makeup Ideas To Make Your Whole Look Shimmer

Of course, you need that “red lip classic thing that you like.”

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Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour has become the hottest ticket in town. There may only be a few shows left in the U.S., but international Swifties are just getting started preparing their Eras Tour ‘fits for 2024. Of course, you’re never fully dressed without some Eras Tour makeup looks to match. Luckily, once you’ve decided on what era you want to channel, there are tons of Swift makeup ideas on TikTok to be inspired by between the bejeweled sparkles and cat eye sharp enough to cause some vigilante sh*t.

Swift is obviously known for her classic red lip from the 1989 era, but there’s so much more you can do with your lewk for the show. Your eyes are the perfect canvas for jewels, sparkles, and vibrant shadow to really showcase your favorite era or accentuate your ‘fit. Since you already braved the great war of securing tickets to the show, give yourself a break from having to work any harder by checking out these 11 Eras Tour makeup ideas from TikTok. For these looks, Swifties have been inspired by different albums and some of the looks she wears on stage.

You can try recreating Swift’s glittery pink heart from the Lover album or go for a smokey eye look because you’re in your reputation era. Whatever you decide, feel free to make it your own version, just like Swift has with her re-recordings.

Be A Barbie With This Pink Lover Lewk

This has been the summer of Taylor Swift and Barbie with fans dressing up for both occasions. If you’re still thinking pink, try this colorful makeup idea from TikToker @roselynnlouise. Along with the bright pink eyeshadow blended on her lids and lower lash line, she adds glitter to the inner corners, jewels under her eyes, and two blue hearts that really makes the whole thing look like the Lover album cover.

Get Ready For It With A Gorgeous Reputation Smokey Eye

This look may be inspired by Swift’s reputation, but a smokey eye is great for any era. TikToker @jeninegrimaudo_ lines the dark shadow with some rhinestones to create a shimmery cat eye. A black eyeshadow with glitter in it, like NARS Hardwired Eyeshadow ($18, Amazon), adds that extra bit of glam.

Make The Whole Place Shimmer With “Bejeweled” Eyes

For any Swifties hoping to recreate the “Bejeweled” music video look, this idea from TikToker @stellapenfold takes inspiration from it. It has the blue eye shadow with tons of actual jewels added on top. This is perfect if you’re planning on wearing a Midnights ‘fit or a sequin bodysuit.

Elevate Your Lover Heart Eye With Extra Sparkles

A pink heart around your eye is a great choice and will instantly tell other fans you’re in your Lover era, but you can take it up a notch for the Eras Tour. Add some extra glitter with eyeshadow, like TikToker @glowbysoph. You could even make your lips sparkle with a glitter red lipstick ($14, Ulta).

Drop Everything Now And Try This Speak Now Look

The Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) era is enchanting, so you’ll need a makeup look that really makes the sparks (or sparkles) fly. This look from TikToker @hayleejoe utilizes the graphic liner trend on TikTok to create a bold purple cat eye. Adding rhinestones on top makes the look shine even brighter. Just make sure to use a good glue, so your jewels will long live and stay on for the full three hour-long show.

Try A Red Lip Classic Look For The 1989 Era

A makeup look inspired by 1989 seems simple enough with just the red lipstick, but TikToker @glambysinead adds an extra bit of style with some blue eyeshadow. The look matches the vibe of Swift’s Grammy award-winning album. She uses the eye shadow to create a cat eye and lines the look with some rhinestones. Add some rosy cheeks to match your cherry lips, and you’re ready to shake it off.

Center Your Glitter With This Fearless Look

Glitter is a must for pretty much any Swift-inspired makeup look, but especially for her second album Fearless (Taylor’s Version). To match her sparkly fringe dress from the Fearless section of the show, wear gold glitter on your eyes like TikToker @taylor_mckillop. What makes this lewk so unique is that the glitter is placed only at the center of the eye to create gradience. Carry the gold strip from the eyebrows down to your lower lash line.

Be A Mirrorball With This Folklore Look

Swift’s song “mirrorball” may not be on the set list, but any folklore girlies dressing up in sparkles may want to recreate this look from TikToker @glambysinead. Inspired by a disco ball, she uses silver eyeshadow as the base and glues on some foil confetti to create the mirror pieces. She uses eyelash glue to make the pieces stick as she outlines her shadow.

Fall In Love With This Evermore Ivy Design

This may be an evermore-inspired Eras Tour makeup idea, but it can also work for folklore. They are sister albums after all. For this look, TikToker @clara.slays adds an ivy graphic liner to her lids. It really matches Swift’s song “ivy,” and looks good with a simple braid like on the cover of the album.

Switch Things Up With Butterfly Winged Eyeshadow

Swift’s debut album, Taylor Swift, may not be featured in the Eras Tour set list, but if that’s your fave, be sure to represent with an inspired makeup look. This design from TikToker @clara.slays uses the album’s green color palette, and with eyeshadow, she creates butterfly wings. So, instead of winged eyeliner, you can have butterfly winged eyeshadow.

Channel The Red Era With Hearts

One of Swift’s most iconic eras is for her album Red (Taylor’s Version). It’s so easy to throw together a Red-inspired look with her black hat, red lips, and “not a lot going on at the moment” t-shirt. Along with your Red ‘fit, try this makeup idea from TikToker @hannahammid. Use red eyeliner to create two hearts that go through your eyebrows.

Then, use the same pencil to color in your lower lash line and the corners of your eyes. It’s so unique that you’ll stand out in the crowd. Just make sure to use a waterproof liner, so you don’t smudge anything while scream-singing the 10-minute version of “All Too Well.” You can also finish off the look with a bejeweled red lip, like TikToker @hayleejoe.

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